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North Korea had to borrow a jet from China to get Kim Jung Un to Singapore. In the entire nation of North Korea, there did not exist a passenger jet (military maybe different) that could get its leader all the way to Singapore (roughly 6 hour flight), and thus the No.Ko. government had to reach out to China, where it gets everything, to even get its president to the meeting.

The American president arrived in a 747 (military version) that can refuel mid-air, has top secret defense capabilities, can stay in the air indefinitely presuming refueling, has state of the art communications which affords the president that ability to broadcast live from Air Force One, and operates essentially as a mobile situation room.

The difference just in how the leaders got to the meeting demonstrates the bizarre nature of these meetings. North Korea leads the world in several categories in per-capita human rights abuses and is the opposite of a nation ruled by law. It is ruled in-totality by the whims of one young man. The flags of that poor, corrupt nation align the front entryway, side by side with what used to be the world’s greatest hope for liberal representative democracy. The very word “America” inspired suppressed people around the globe, and now the two leaders shake hands as equals, in front of flags adjacent to each other as equals.

Score North Korea 2, United States -20.

We have a long way to go to make up the spread, and the only justification for a meeting of this type is an agreement in the use or possession of nuclear weapons by North Korea, something that North Korea has supposedly taken off the table, just as the United States has taken North Korea’s human rights abuses off the table.

As Han Solo would always say: “I have a bad feeling about this.”

As Yoda would say: “Beer me, please, cold – make it.

Trump is already doing the “I will touch you more” thing, as a well-studied means to control another person, which does exactly no good against someone who understands the tactic, as Kim Jung Un certainly does, because he presumably has been preparing extensively, and knows all of Trump’s personal traits.

The United States is at a significant disadvantage in knowing so little about Kim Jung Un, where Trump has been an open book since the late 70s.

Well, they’re off to talk. God help us all, sincerely.

President of the United States says it is an “honor” to sit down with Kim Jung Un. Trudeau has a special place in hell, but it’s an honor to our president to sit down with a murdering torturer who kills family members, as well as his citizens, all while living like a prince.


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