Ocasio-Cortez Slams Right Wing Site for Publishing Fake Nude Picture of Her

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The right wingers are completely unhinged. The Daily Caller published a fake nude photo of AOC. As usual, trying to slut shame a woman, but here it is a known fake. Perverts on the right are not new.

AOC responds:

More from AOC after a non-apology from Daily Caller:

Update I: from madtownpopulist:

The pic is actually of  Sydney Leathers who was involved in the Anthony Weiner sexting scandal.

Leathers, who is a fan of Ocasio-Cortez has since  tweeted, “hey @aoc, I’m sorry creeps are trying to pretend my pics are actually pics of you.”

Update II: From Randolph06. An earlier AOC tweet.

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j pincince
j pincince

Good for her. Right-wing cowards in Congress are being schooled on how to stand up for themselves.