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If you watched the news programs this weekend, Trump’s sludge sellers were a mass of contradictions. Mitch McConnell said that the new Democratic coronavirus relief bill is Dead On Arrival, while GOP NY Rep Peter King says it should be passed because New York needs the money. Peter Navarro went on TV to talk about how the CDC let the American people down with shoddy testing, only to have HHS Secretary Alex Azar defend the CDC. And The Witless Wonder, Eric Trump went on FOX to complain that the Democrats are indeed using the coronavirus as a hoax in order to deprive his old man of mass rally crowds, only to have the Democrats declare the emergency over on November 4th, if they win the election. This despite the fact that Daddums has been forced to admit to the reality of the coronavirus.

With a dog’s breakfast of bullshit like that on full display in just two short days, it’s little wonder that His Lowness and the court jesters are trying to find a unifying message to run on. And there are early indications that they are beginning to settle on the outlines of one. And wonder of wonders, it’s the same old, same old.

Obamagate! The wonder cure for all that ails Trump and the GOP. Like all Trump conspiracies, it’s long on hysteria yet amazingly short on substance. But that’s the beauty of a Trumpian conspiracy, you just throw random things together on one place cuz, like, Obamagate! and you’re all set. It’s already mushrooming from Obama purposefully putting together a pandemic response guaranteed to fail to make Trump look bad, to Joe Biden insidiously performing psychic magic tricks with Michael Flynn’s name, or some such. There are whispers in the west wing that they are hopeful that properly cultivated, this can become a single word fire up slogan for the Trump base, like Benghazi!

There’s just one problem for this gauche display of mental masturbation. Basically, it won’t work. There are a couple of reasons for this. First, Benghazi! became a single word rallying cry for the GOP because multiple GOP led House committees were able to turn it into a country carnival of nonsensical political bullshit. If the GOP wants the official imprimatur of congressional hearings, it isn’t going to come from House committees full of wild eyed zealots. The GOP led Senate committees are the ones who would have to hold hearings. And from Leningrad Lindsey’s reticence to start holding hearings on Biden-Burisma, to the recent HELP televised hearing with the administrations coronavirus experts, it is clear that GOP Senators, especially vulnerable incumbents, have no appetite for self interest damaging childish nonsense.

But the second reason is even more compelling. Comparison. Because sometimes stupid doesn’t look quite so stupid when stupid is all that you can see. During the endless myriad of Benghazi hearings, the GOP held both the House and the Senate. Therefore, there were no serious, legitimate, substantive hearings going on in either chamber. The maniacal insanity of Both Benghazi spectacle became the norm simply because it was the norm. There was nothing else to compare it to.

Since the Democrats took over the House in January of 2019, there have been a slew of House investigations and hearings. They delved into possible Trump administration interference in the Mueller probe. They held a full investigation and multiple hearings into the Trump-Ukraine scandal. These turned into full blown impeachment hearings in the House, followed by as full and complete of a trial as the Democrats could get in the Senate.

They were professional, they were thorough, and they were compelling. And with those hearings to use for comparative purposes, they showed the endless Benghazi hearings for the Kindercare play yard riot that they were. This is why there will be no serious Senate hearings into either Biden-Burisma, nor Obamagate! Because both lack any substance or proof of wrongdoing, anything less than a hysterical lynch mob style Benghazi! hearing won’t jazz up the base, but that type of hearing is the one kind of hearing that the GOP Senate can’t afford to have. Trump will cobble up his Obamagate! scandal, but without the Roman circus hearings, it just won’t carry the same pizzazz.

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This is a sign of a desperate person trying to cling onto life. The braindead orangutan will never stop whinging and whining about Obama because he can’t stand it that he’s not a shade on #44 and will have never achievements in his term.


Sound like donnie and his disciples are burning out. That is what happens when you don’t play nice. Did donnie ever play nIce? I don’t think so. He is still acting like a child giving everyone nicknames. Most of us stopped that by age 5. Sad pathetic lonely man.