Obama Stops at Coyo Taco in Miami and the Place Erupts with Joy

@PatriciaMazzei / Twitter So BarackObama AndrewGillum and SenBillNelson dropped 1541442794.jpg...
@PatriciaMazzei / Twitter

Obama, after his get-out-the-vote rally in Miami Friday afternoon for Andrew Gillum and Bill Nelson, made a pit stop at Coyo Taco in the Wynwood section of Miami for a few tacos. The crowd at the popular restaurant just went wild, shrieking and screaming with joy, as can be seen in the videos below.

BTW, that is the normal reaction of every normal and intelligent human being on Earth when they are visited unexpectedly by Obama.

Many more pictures here.

Obama and Michelle have been busy rallying, organizing and helping encourage voters to vote and to volunteer. Let’s all do our part. There are so many outstanding Democratic candidates that would benefit from a bit of last minute help. Only one day left to save civilization. GOTV.

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