It’s not surprising that America is in the streets in the era of Donald Trump. He’s made it clear since he announced his candidacy that he is not a leader for all people, never intended to be. His arrival on the American political scene is a publicity stunt, improvisational political theater, if you will, wherein a tabloid star, reality TV actor decided for a lark to take America for a ride and run for it’s highest office.

And give us a ride, he did. He drove us all the way from a booming economy into a recession, he drove us from a place of dignity and respect amongst our allies to a place of derision and censure, and he took us from a unity with one another, into the worst civil protests that we have seen in the past half century. This is where the Trump train goes, from one disaster to another, from an untreated pandemic crisis to an unparalleled racial one. And all the while, his relatives and in-laws are telling us how perfectly swell it all is, not to worry. Right.

This is a good ad, which captures the temper of the times. It was just released this morning.

Here’s a bonus ad showing you what a lying wretch Kayleigh McEnany is, not that you need corroboration. But it’s always useful to jaunt down memory lane.

As you caught from her words in the last five seconds of the piece, McEnany is another Lindsey Graham level sell out. Man, it’s no new revelation that the love of money is the basis of Republicanism, but I thought there were some limits. Apparently not. Donald Trump is in the right party, no question about that. Remember the Cheney/Satan bumper stickers that were out in the world for a brief time? Satan absolutely could run on the GOP ticket and all the religious types would flock to his side if the money was right. No question. Satan is the Father of Lies and if politics has ever produced anything even close, before the advent of Trump, I have yet to see it.

There’s an old Hollywood adage, “money talks and bullshit walks.” That should be amended to, “bullshit glides when you can pay for the ride.” That’s a verity, because if it wasn’t, we wouldn’t be dealing with Donald Trump and watching all these videos from Trump allies before they were born again, into their current faith, and sold their soul to the Cantaloupe Caligula.


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  1. Oh, for certain instances it would be fitting to relax term limits. Hey, constitution says no more than two consecutive terms. It doesn’t say anything about a commercial in the middle.


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