NYC pop-up installation with children in cages and heartbreaking audio is getting national attention

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A guerrilla art installation began showing up all over New York City today. Small cages with sculpted children, under thin foil blankets, with audio of real children crying appeared in a variety of spots around NYC Wednesday morning. On the cages, the hashtag #NoKidsInCages. Organized by a Texas-based non-profit legal service for immigrants, RAICES, the installations are making a big statement in one of America’s most powerful cities.

New York City’s WPIX11 reports that there are 24 installations in total, at heavily trafficked locations and tourist destination spots like Rockefeller Center, the Brooklyn Bridge, and the Natural history museum, as well as in front of big media outlets like CNN, Fox News, Newsweek, Vice, and more.

The New York Police department has begun pulling down the permit-less installations because it’s pretty offensive to have little kids in cages, where anyone can see.

Now, if those were actual real immigrant children and not just sculptures it would be a national policy.

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Impeach trump
Impeach trump

“Torn down because it is offensive?” Are you serious? iT IS REALLY HAPPENING- what? people can’t bear to witness reality? Sure, no permit that makes it so easy to tear down and gloss over! Out of sight out of mind….let them suffer as who cares?? They should be ON the White House lawn or as close as possible-sad time to be American