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Adam Schiff appeared on Meet The Press today to address a bombshell of new information.

I am going off memory, and therefore will be very general and cautious in what I report here.

Chuck Todd played an interview from somewhere in which Nunes admitted that the NYC FBI told Nunes of the existence of the laptop and the theory that there are emails from Hillary Clinton in the laptop on SEPTEMBER 26TH, 2016. As you would know, this clearly means that the information was HELD by the NYC FBI until the most devastating time for release (we have known this for some time), it also means the NYC FBI by-passed Comey and headquarters to go straight to a Republican Congressman who worked with the Trump  Campaign knowing he would share the information with the Trump campaign, including Rudy Giuliani.  Schiff also stated that Nunes did NOT share the information with Democrats on the oversight committee.

Recall that the FBI did not even apply for a warrant to view the emails until a day after the Comey letter. This surely indicates that the FBI in NYC (the anti-Hillary office under Rudy’s thumb) knew that the laptop likely didn’t contain anything incriminating or they would have sought a warrant immediately to get the “criminal information” out.

Instead, they held it. They shared the info with the Trump campaign, illegally (or at least by-passed HQ to share with Congressman they knew would tell the Trump campaign).  They alerted Comey just a few days before he released the devastating letter 11 days before the election that likely made Trump president.

Rudy promised a Fox audience a big surprise was coming, three days before the release of the letter. The NYC  FBI, in coordination with the Trump campaign used a fake issue (or they would have got a warrant immediately, get the info out!) to devastate the Clinton campaign at the single worst possible time.  Eleven days before the election meant time enough for the news to ripple through the electorate. Waiting until the day after the letter to get the warrant ensure there would not be enough time to really get the info out that it was all nothing – which occurred 2 days before the election, many votes had already been cast.

Hillary lost because of 70,000 votes spread across three critical states. With Russian help in critical micro-targeting of Facebook, possible Russian meddling in actual voting databases (we know they were there, we don’t know what they did, and never will in a Trump administration), and the NYC FBI coordinating with the Trump campaign to knee-cap Hillary at the worst possible time, that and likely more encompasses illegal actions to steal an election.

Hillary had 3 million more votes. It took the perfect storm in 3 midwest states to make Trump president. With all the above, I do not think it is hyperbole to say now that the election was rigged for Trump. He might well have not even known of most of the actions taken, his team protecting him from easily proven illegality (ask yourself why the entire Trump team was in the June Russian meeting, with Trump a floor away, not attending.

They knew they were doing all they could to rig the election, and succeeded.

Oh, and there was one thing that wasn’t done. People with integrity in the Obama administration held the evidence that the Trump campaign might have been coordinating with the Russians meddling to elect Trump. They held it because it would be wrong to attempt to influence an election because of evidence in an investigation.

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