One a day when the pathetic NY Times changes its front page headline from “Trump Urges Unity Vs, Racism” to “Assailing Hate But Not Guns” in response to the *Residents speech yesterday, and after massive social media backlash, the NY Daily News gets it right the first time:

Empty Words:

Trump calls for ‘love,’ unity and bipartisanship to prevent more mass shootings, but keeps pushing NRA talking points

President Trump pledged Monday to “act with urgent resolve” against the scourge of gun violence in the wake of mass shootings in Texas and Ohio, but offered few details on how he plans to do so and kept pushing gun lobby talking points.

Blaming mental illness and video games but not the sweeping availability of military-grade weapons, Trump delivered the limp promises in a national address from the White House, as the death toll rose to 31 from the weekend massacres in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio.

“These barbaric slaughters are an assault upon our communities, an attack upon our nation and a crime against all of humanity,” Trump said. “We vow to act with urgent resolve.”

In the address, Trump also offered a forceful condemnation of “racism, bigotry and white supremacy,” as authorities said the suspect in Saturday’s El Paso shooting had likely posted a racist manifesto online decrying the “Hispanic invasion of Texas” before the senseless assault.

But the president offered no acknowledgement that the suspected gunman’s alleged screed directly mirrored some of his own anti-immigrant rhetoric.”

The rest of the article is pretty much straight forward reporting of the Orange Ogre’s slow third grader’s recitation of a speech that was written for him to tamp down criticism, and of which he believed not a word… excepting maybe the gun lobby talking points about video games and mental illness.

But the Daily News stake out its ground in the opening paras above with the praise “limp promises” and the assertion that the El Paso gunman’s manifesto “directly mirrored some of his own anti-immigrant rhetoric.”

Especially the limp promises bit.

Macho maniac will hate that.

We won’t be reading anything like that in the NY Times front page article.


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  1. All this speech was, was White House damage control. People paid to cover this fruit cakes messes. This man is void of any compassion, honesty or decency. And like any storm, he too shall pass and America can start rebuilding what he has destroyed. WE just need to stand together and do what’s right.


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