Nurses are heroes, as long as they keep their mouths shut.

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Of course, HCA Healthcare lashed out at the union because how dare the nurses have a voice that questions their rule. They also are deeply disappointed and are the victims of the nasty nurses union for pointing out the nurse who died from the virus was a vocal advocate for getting the proper PPE to protect herself and her fellow nurses.

The corporation that was once ran by Rick Scott basically doesn’t care. They would rather spend their money busting the union as nurses try to organize or try to force changes in an existing union contract. HCA is doing this nationwide, they think they can get away with it in this crisis and political climate. We are only hearing from the union represented hospitals.

I must point out that this is personal. I was a founding member of the nurses union and a member of the negotiating team for the first contract at Research Medical Center (HCA). I knew of the nurse who died, I have many colleagues who are still working there and have a loved one who works there. I am not pleased with the hospitals response. I fear for the safety of all the people who work there, their families and our communities.

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Full support to you in this fight against profit-making corporations that prefer sacrifying lives rather than a few bucks ! Hopefully this will lead to criminal prosecutions !