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It is hard to appreciate just how badly Trump needs Cong. Nunes (at least while he is Majority Leader of the House Oversight Committee), after all, it’s awfully nice having a member of your transition team on the same committee that oversees investigating part of that transition.

Nunes faces a little trouble back home. Nationally, he’s a hero to Republicans who love that he’ll protect Trump at all costs. Back in his district, his voters are somewhat disenchanted that he doesn’t seem to give a shit about their interests, only carrying Trump’s water. It has led to a bit of a crises, and he faces a much closer election to a very strong Democratic candidate in Andrew Janz, the local prosecutor.

This crises has caused a stir in the White House, no one, I mean no one, appreciates Nunes’ willingness to toss aside the constitution more than Trump. And thus Trump is sending the object of his strange fetish/adoration, the apple of her daddy’s something, Princess Ivanka, to “help.”

via The Hill:

President Trump‘s daughter and White House aide Ivanka Trump will visit California to campaign for House Intelligence Committee chair Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) next month, a sign that the Republican could fear a tough reelection battle in November.

Trump will visit Fresno on June 18 to campaign for Nunes and other local Republican House candidates alongside House Majority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) as part of the GOP’s “Keep The House” tour, according to local ABC News affiliate KFSN-TV.

Believe me, this happens all the time, a direct member of the president’s family rushing to help out a lone Congressman in his own district. s/ – obviously. It never happens. Of course, no president has ever needed a Congressman as much as this president needs this one.

Nunes has another huge advantage over Janz, the money flowing into Nunes coffers could literally be coming from anywhere, here, there, anywhere. Hell, Russia, even.

Nunes has been on a fundraising tear of late, having raised over $2.3 million over a six-week span. He’s got a large direct-mail following, but also a lot of un-itemized contributions, which – again – means they could be coming from anyone. As we know, he’s pretty tight with money launderers. And there are a lot of rich people in Trump world who want to help him, primarily because he’s surrendering 230 years of American democracy to protect the most corrupt, least intelligent leader this country has ever had.

But, Nunes is playing an absolutely critical role in keeping Trump in the White House, by turning the House “bi-partisan” investigation into an operation to protect Trump at all costs. Cute, especially since he supposedly recused himself early on in this matter, having been caught red-handed faking “a finding of critical documents.”

Regardless, generally the story involves a prince riding to the rescue. The Trumps are more modern at least in this one respect, Princess Ivanka is there to protect daddy’s hero.

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