The Trump regime has relentlessly attacked our Intelligence agencies in an effort to discredit them and obstruct any investigation into the regime’s love affair with Putin and other ruthless authoritarians.  I’m not sure how they thought this was going to be a good idea, but it looks like the NSA has had enough.

 … now that the Justice Department has appointed Robert Mueller special counsel charged with running the Russia investigation, NSA is apparently pulling out all the stops to track down any additional evidence which might be relevant to the expanded inquiry into KremlinGate.

Specifically, last week NSA is believed to have sent out an unprecedented order to the Directorate of Operations, the agency’s largest unit. The DO, as insiders term it, manages all of NSA’s SIGINT assets worldwide, making it the most important spy operation on earth.

Such an order would have charged every DO official, from junior analysts to senior managers, with finding any references to individuals involved in KremlinGate, especially high-ranking Americans—and preserving those records for Federal investigators. This would include intercepted phone calls and any transcripts of them, emails, online chats, faxes—anything the agency might have picked up last year.

An undertaking of this size and scope has never happened in NSA’s 65-year history. Although preservation orders have been issued previously, never has the entire DO been told to search all its databases for SIGINT on named individuals, then preserve anything that’s discovered. KremlinGate is a unique event in our nation’s history, with accusations of nefarious meddling by hostile intelligence agencies in our democracy, and it’s bringing about unprecedented developments in our spy agencies too.

I am confident that our intelligence agencies will uncover most of the treachery of the fascist regime. But I’m not so confident that the regime’s Republican accomplices in the Congress will ever allow the public to know just how damaging their attack on American democracy actually was.

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