NRATV reportedly lays off ‘several’ employees, including on-air personalities

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One of the great mysteries surrounding the NRA over the past many years has been how much they really make. How many members do they really have? For a very long time now, public opinion has not jibed at all with the NRA’s single-policy zealotry. The last few months have shown that their political hold may finally be slipping, due in no small part to financial woes. Shortly after the blue wave hit on Nov. 6, reports came out that the NRA had already begun implementing austerity measures throughout the organization, including taking away free coffee and water at its Fairfax, Virginia, headquarters. Subsequent IRS filings show that the firearm organization reported a $57 million drop in their revenue last year. The Trace, a non-profit that reports on all things gun control-related, is now reporting that NRATV personnel seems to be experiencing the pinch of austerity.

Cameron Gray speaking with some “regular Joe”

Longtime NRATV producer and correspondent Cameron Gray tweeted Wednesday that he and “several colleagues” had been terminated this morning. Gray said he had been an employee at the gun group’s video arm for almost 10 years. He had worked as a producer for Cam & Company, a news and talk show hosted by NRATV personality Cam Edwards that covered a wide range of political topics beyond just guns.

Grand opening, and grand closing

Gray worked as a sort of on-air beat reporter for the NRA, covering smaller events and hosting NRA-sponsored gun museum promotions. Edwards hosted one of the more talk-radio-style news shows. He could be seen promoting what was being called a new news show, Cam & Company, for the NRA just a couple of months ago.

The Trace reports that, besides the group related to this new NRATV show, there have been no other reports of firings at the media company.

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