Now Trump’s Mad At the Weather Service and The Press For Reporting On His Idiotic Dorian Prediction


Donald Trump has never known when to just keep his mouth shut. If you’re just now tuning into the tragedy of Hurricane Dorian, five are dead in the Bahamas and Dorian is set to make landfall on the southeastern United States by late Monday night. Trump has been busy retweeting weather reports, plus making up his own. Here’s how that’s working out.

Here’s what the lightweight weather service had to say after Trump tweeted out his idiotic warning this morning to his 64 Million followers, to their 53,000. Understandably, they were worried that a lot of people would be unnecessarily alarmed by Trump’s wrong information.

I live in California and we haven’t known whether to laugh, cry, shit or go blind since Trump got elected. We were talking about leaving the union in summer of 2016, however.

See, that’s the problem. Trump is now at a stage in his dementia where he can’t remember what he said an hour ago, but audio and video recorders are always going, plus people around him have ears and functioning brains, and they can remember. And what makes it worse, is that if he would concede, at least occasionally, to having messed something up, things wouldn’t be so bad. Most people will forgive a screw up, especially if followed by an apology. But the child within, which in Trump’s case, is the whole enchilada, cannot admit ever to wrongdoing. So, the status quo remains, Donald Trump is flawless and it’s the institution of journalism that is at fault. Evidently, the media is supposed to ignore reality and only publish stories which validate whatever Trump said, no matter how wrong or insane, and commentary which is constantly flattering. This issue with Trump and the media has gotten down to the paradigm of the immovable object and the irresistible force and, as the song says, somethings gotta give, something’s gotta give.

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Soon he’ll be threatening the media with his ‘nuclear codes’. It isn’t beyond the realms of reality anymore..