Now Trump Wants To Fire Michael Atkinson for Disloyalty, As Both Impeachment and Stone Trial Ramp Up


Donald Trump is not having a good day at all. He’s got unpleasant facts and inconvenient truths firing at him like tennis balls out of a practice machine and the only way he can return the volley is if he finds somebody to blame. After all, he hasn’t done anything wrong, right? He’s just where he is because of plotting enemies and disloyal minions, with big mouths. If there’s collusion anywhere, that’s it, not his fault. So he sent Vindman packing back to the DOD and now he’s looking to do something about Inspector General Michael Atkinson for how he screwed up to rain all this despair on poor Donald. New York Times:

Mr. Trump first expressed his dismay about Mr. Atkinson around the time the whistle-blower’s complaint became public in September. In recent weeks, he has continued to raise with aides the possibility of firing him, one of the people said.

The president has said he does not understand why Mr. Atkinson shared the complaint, which outlined how Mr. Trump asked the Ukrainian president to investigate Mr. Trump’s political rivals at the same time he was withholding military aid from the country. He has said he believes Mr. Atkinson, whom he appointed in 2017, has been disloyal, one of the people said.

Mr. Trump’s private complaints about Mr. Atkinson have come as he has publicly questioned his integrity and accused him of working with the Democrats to sabotage his presidency.

In Trump’s black and white world of the micro intellect, there are no exceptions. You’re either on his side, and you bend, staple, and mutilate the truth until it fits some kind of a pro-Trump defense, or you’re one of the others, who just don’t get it. Trump unquestionably shakes his head, “Bill Barr gets it, Lindsey Graham gets it, WTF is wrong with these other guys? They work for Me, they’re here to protect Me.” Don’t be surprised if Atkinson is the next in a long list of people Trump finds wanting that find themselves prematurely retired.

…the mixture of public attacks and private discussions about a possible dismissal is a familiar way Mr. Trump has undermined investigators who have examined his conduct or that of people close to him. The president publicly criticized James B. Comey, the former F.B.I. director, and Jeff Sessions, the former attorney general, before he dismissed them for perceived disloyalty.

Mr. Trump believes he has the power to fire anyone in the executive branch, though aides say they have learned to ignore many of his private rants, unless the president brings up the subject repeatedly and appears on the precipice of making a move they feel could be damaging. […]

People close to the president believe the political consequences of firing Mr. Atkinson could be devastating, especially when Mr. Trump needs all the Republican support he can get for a potential impeachment trial in the Senate.

The firing of Atkinson might not be as pyrotechnic as the firing of James Comey, but it won’t be insignificant, that much is certain. History is repeating itself. Trump fired Comey, that blew up in his face, and Mueller came. Rather than just let Mueller do his job, Trump wanted McGahn to fire him, but McGahn wouldn’t — and that ruckus may yet be written up as an article of impeachment, showing obstruction of justice. Stupid and stupid — both decisions, one of them fueled by the genius of Jared Kushner, and the second by the arrogance of Trump himself.

But Trump has not learned, and firing people is his only coping mechanism, because it makes him feel good for the next twenty minutes and he’s too much of a dullard to contemplate the long term consequences. He’s a political infant and he doesn’t know that the people he wants to fire, push to resign, whatever, don’t just vanish in the political sphere. They remain, and they become enemies. Trump cannot grasp the most basic of concepts, that it is he who is on alien turf, in politics, not the men and women who have spent their lives there, who he treats like bit players in a reality show where he is the star. He has no idea where he really is or how the game is played, and they do. It’s a total shame that Kushner isn’t the Machiavelli that he deludes himself that he is, because Trump is in desperate need of somebody like that now, if for nothing else than to dial down the insane rhetoric. Here’s where Trump was a few days ago, “demanding” who should testify at the impeachment hearing.

The “I.G.” is Atkinson and if he’s being mentioned in the same breath with Schiff, Pelosi, Biden and the whistle blower — stand back Jack. This is Trump at his most toxic, and you can bet on one thing: he’ll do something incredibly stupid in the not too distant future, like fire Atkinson, so that he can delude himself that he’s in control and fighting back and “winning.” Too bad Trump doesn’t realize this isn’t the same as buying off a D.A. in Manhattan to get a building permit — this is the big leagues, the “bigly” he dreamt of.. And he’s so the phuque in over his head that it’s painful to watch. Trump is a character in a Greek tragedy. It was his unspeakable hubris that led him to think he could ever do the job he’s got and it will be that character flaw that will lead to his doom.



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Screw Trump, he will get his


Stupid is as stupid does, you brought it on yourself dipshit, enjoy it cause we sure will


How about we update Alcatraz into a summer white house and put donnie on it with the few favorite people he has. Then we can leave and
Take all the boats with us. Just a thought.