Quavering under explicit threats from Donald Trump that he will start a Neo-fascist third-party (grossly renamed, ‘The Patriot Party’), Republicans, led by the blowhard Rand Paul, have signaled there is no way they would ever vote to convict Trump for inciting the deadly insurrection that killed six people on Jan. 6 and sent hordes of stinking Trump supporters to smear feces all over the House and Senate chambers while trying to hunt down Congressmen and Senators.

Now that we know this, now that it’s clear, let’s just remember who controls the trial and the admissible evidence in that trial: the Democratic Senate. Just like McConnell constrained the first trial admitting no witnesses or evidence, Democrats are free to admit whatever it takes to paint a clear picture of the environment Trump was operating in, that motivated and aided his incitement of the mob.

Max Boot, writing this week for the Washington Post, makes an excellent point:

When the impeachment proceedings begin in the Senate, it will not be just Donald Trump in the dock. The entire Republican Party will be on trial. And there is every reason to believe that the GOP will fail this test — as it failed every other during the past four years.

As Boot emphasizes, Trump’s guilt here is crystal clear and becoming even clearer than that with each passing day. Boot notes the Center for Responsive Politics report revealing that Trump’s corrupt campaign funneled 2.7 million dollars to groups that organized and participated in the violent insurrection of Jan. 6. Many of the participants in the event itself have directly characterized their actions as responsive to Trump’s siren call.

There’s no doubt that Trump is guilty of inciting an insurrection. As an added bonus, it’s clear that he had exhausted all other means to overturn the election, by way of trying to force the Attorney General’s office to involve the Justice department in the coup attempt. Many witnesses may now be called to attest to Trump’s desperation, further providing evidence for his motives in inciting the Jan. 6 attacks.

As Boot observes, we caught a fleeting glimpse, out of the corner of our eyes, of Republicans possibly, maybe, kind of considering doing the right thing and convicting this criminal president of the worst offense any president could possibly commit against this nation—willful insurrection.

But no, it was not to be. Because they’ve all suddenly become Constitutional scholars!

To avoid having to defend Trump’s indefensible conduct, many Republicans are taking refuge in the argument that it’s unconstitutional to impeach a president who has already left office. This is simply untrue, as more than 150 legal scholars — including a co-founder of the Federalist Society! — point out. “In 1876,” they note, “Secretary of War William Belknap tried to avoid impeachment and its consequences by resigning minutes before the House voted on his impeachment. The House impeached him anyway, and the Senate concluded that it had the power to try, convict, and disqualify former officers.”

Never mind that this vast concern for the Constitution wasn’t on display during Trump’s first impeachment trial, or throughout his entire months-long effort to delegitimize a national election and disenfranchise 80 million Americans. Nothing unconstitutional to see there, I guess.

But there actually was something to see, after all. It was the sight of House and Senate Republicans doing absolutely nothing to stop that effort, and in fact aiding and abetting it through their votes to negate the verdict of the American people—not the verdict on their own elections, mind you, but only with respect to Donald Trump. In fact, there was a whole lot to see. And there’s a whole lot of complicity to explore.

We saw Josh Hawley raise his fist in support of the insurrectionists, practically egging them on to commit sedition as long as he could ride the coattails.  We saw Ted Cruz lending his own voice to the treachery, along with 140 members of the House of Representatives.

These people had not only supported this lie, they campaigned on it for their own elections. And the rot runs right down into the state legislators who wanted to get in on the action. Their local party organizations are supporting Trump’s insurrection efforts in state after state, from Arizona to Texas:

The GOP appears more eager for retribution against Republicans who upheld their oaths of office than against a president who violated it. All 10 of the House Republicans who voted to impeach Trump are now facing a backlash at home, with local party organizations scolding them for disloyalty and primary challengers lining up against them. Pro-Trump House members are  also demanding Cheney’s ouster as chair of the House Republican conference.

So the cancer cuts down to the bone. It isn’t just Trump, but a culture of Republican-abetted sedition that needs to be presented to the American people on Feb. 9. Call some witnesses in from those state legislatures who met with Trump as he hemmed, hawed and threatened them. Call Hawley as a witness and obtain all his contacts and communications with the Administration before the insurrection. Same with Cruz. There’s no privilege attached, not when you’re trying to commit a crime, boys.

Americans really need to see the big picture.  Let’s give it to them. And let Hawley and Cruz–and Trump–squeal their seditious little asses off.

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  1. Again… someone needs to sit down with McConnell, tell him that as long as Trump has the Republican Party by the short and curlies, the Party’s future marches inevitably down the road towards Hitler 2 the Revenge, then implosion and nonexistence. This is not Rocket Science, anyone who can’t see it coming needs to pull their head out of the orifice in which its currently stuck.

    So, Dems take up the cause to make the Impeachment Vote secret… Mitch makes appropriate noises but doesn’t fight too hard. McConnell cuts 25 Reps out of the herd and breaks it down for them, the advantages if they impeach, the disadvantages if they don’t, and the hell on earth the party is nailed to if 25 brave souls don’t save the country.

    Donny is unplugged, permanently… in fact, an additional stipulation that fully ostracizes him from all future politics due to the danger he presents is fully warranted. With that, people might be angry at the Reps, but you can’t point your finger at any one guy. Moreover, the few that go truly homicidal over this are precisely the crazies we need to identify and keep under close inspection.

  2. We need to go after these idiots. We need to get those that signed on to this and at least kick them out of office and preferably refer them for criminal prosecution. They broke the law. You know, where it says “ anyone” that participates in insurrection and or sedition shall not be seated in “any” seat in government. It’s in the original constitution because at the time people were doing it. What are you a bunch of morons that can’t read. Jesus Christ, he would have called them out.

  3. Time to vote out the GOP in 2022 in the following states: Alabama, Kansas (must vote for a Democrat – last one was in 1932), Missouri, Wisconsin, Ohio, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, Indiana, West Virginia, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, North and South Dakota

    • And Scott when that Idiot’s time is up!! He ruined Fla and made himself a Sh!tload of money doing it…Remind you of somebody?

  4. I doubt that even a secret vote would result in a conviction. The Republicans are motivated by fear and opportunism (not to mention raw racism). Their trial begun with the first impeachment and they have been failing every sense. A second acquittal will ruin their chances in 2022, given even moderate Democratic success and Trump’s potential civil and criminal liabilities.

  5. If Trump is not convicted by the Senate, it will be the greatest miscarriage of justice this country has ever seen. It will go down in history as one of the government’s darkest stains, and that day will be added to the infamy list beginning in December 1941 at Pearl Harbor. Imagine the repercussions of acquittal for future generations. The DOJ also needs to charge Trump Sr., Trump Jr., Giuliani et al with treason. That’s what it is, pure and simple. It is an outrage that decent citizens should not endure! To think that this happened during the backdrop of a deadly pandemic, which was also exacerbated by Trump and his Administration; it’s almost unimaginable!

  6. The Republicans are only afraid of trump because they elevated him. Only they can take him down. Do they really think he so called base would vote for them? Besides trumps base is a minority, only the voters can take them out. So do it. Don’t give them any clout!!

  7. Trump is a psychopath. He sent 11 people to their deaths on Death Row including an insane woman. This was in a few weeks so that he could get this done before the Election. He OWNS these deaths along with the thousands with Covid dead and severely damaged


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