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Donald Trump went on prime-time TV Tuesday night to build public support for the very same racist immigration policies he prosecuted relentlessly in the midterms and for which the very same public he hoped to persuade clobbered him at the voting booth. In other words, he has no new ideas, broke no new ground, and frankly, gave a speech so predictable that most outlets had fact-checked it in advance. So the public, which wasn’t with him before, didn’t hear anything new and his desperate address will almost surely fail to move the opinion needle one eensy-weensy bit.

Unfortunately for Trump, he’s also burned through nearly all his publicity gimmicks too. On the day Nancy Pelosi officially became House Speaker, Trump was so desperate to dampen her glow that he manufactured an impromptu political stunt by parading border agents through the White House briefing room. It proved so lackluster, it was completely overshadowed by Democrats’ newly minted control of the lower chamber. The next day, Trump tried again, holding a totally bananas Rose Garden press conference (at which Mitch McConnell was nowhere to be seen) that proved to be nothing other than sadly unhinged. And also predictable. Finally, Trump upped the ante with something he’s never done before—a prime-time address from the Oval Office. It could be “The Greatest,” he must have thought, except that he rolled out the same old anti-immigrant tropes he spewed on the very first day of his candidacy.

Now that Trump isn’t the only entity controlling headlines in Washington anymore, he’s discovering something revelational—you can’t repeatedly deliver the same stupidly unfounded lies over and over again and still command the news cycle. Next to Pelosi and her Democrats, Trump looks like a fool who doesn’t have the creativity, knowledge or chops to govern. And guess what, he doesn’t. He got a free ride for two years from a group of Congressional Republicans who haven’t had a fresh idea since the Reagan era. By that standard, Trump was practically a genius, even if he had no clue how to legislate. No matter—he wasn’t any worse at legislating than Paul Ryan or Mitch McConnell, frankly.

But now that he’s all out of ideas and all out of gimmicks, Trump’s just a deflated bag of old tricks. Here’s where the real fun begins.

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  1. It is fair to say that Trump, his immigrant illegal wife, his dipshit sons, his daughter and the entire family are an embarrassment to America and the world. But he was put in the Whitehouse as the “president”. Whether that vote was fixed, staged, or falsified remains to be seen. Over the last two years, the POS in the Whitehouse has been laughed at by the entire United Nations, has alienated the majority of the world leaders, has associated himself with Vladimir Putin and the Russians, and has lied over 7500 times. Now he holds over 800,000 US citizens hostage by withholding their pay because HE wants to build a wall. Previous Presidents Of The United States may have had their faults at times. But these faults were understood and tolerated by the American people. And America developed and improved itself by the guidance of these past Presidents. As for the current “president” wannabe, he is doing nothing positive regarding the development and improvement of the lifestyles of the American people by holding back salary payments of federal workers.
    Each time he opens his mouth, a lie comes out.
    But America is still tolerating him. Who is the fool? The dick in the Whitehouse, or the American people?
    Work that out , and react.

  2. Um? Ok, I was born into ill-gotten wealth, daddy secretly stashed millions in a bank account for me when I was 3, I grew up to go to a second rate college that I graduated from, honest, I know because daddy showed me the receipt and how much he paid for it. Then I couldn’t make my biggest wet dream come true and serve in Vietnam cause the finest doctor on the planet said so, damn daddy paid out of his ass for that one too, and THEN, I started the most like genius ever real estate business and I made billions and gazillions of dollars, but them damn government people kept telling about something daddy always warned me about, TAXES! OH NO!!! But, but then he showed me how to fix that too, gee I love you daddy. So I went and decided to make a great big brilliant casino, Yea!
    I’m such a smart genius….ahhhhh. Ok Ok so after I did all that, I got another bazillion dollars from some funny talking guys on the other side of the world and they said I didn’t have to pay taxes on that either, all I had to do was change these numbers here, add lines over there, and presto it’s like magic. Now I’m like in charge of shit and I’m doing great, the best ever like in the whole wide world, and I got this thing going on where I shut down the whole government and put millions and millions of people out of work, just so I can make good to my friend and male lover Vlad, I mean I mean my people who love me, they absolutely adore and the bang up job I’m doing I think I rewrite that thing, what’s it called? constellation? amendment thing, oh whatever I can do whatever I want so I’m going to make a new rule just for me and then I can be president forever and forever like my other friends Ping Pong of China, and and Ergodan of Turkey Gobbler place over there, and the other guy, you know the fat kid, oh yea KIM!!! I love him, but please just don’t tell Vlad, he’s very jealous. Ok I have to go think up some more lies to try to get money to piss away on my STUPID USELESS WALL that no one wants or is needed, talk to me later K? love you too.

  3. I wonder if he’s so shit scared of Mullers findings, that he believes his base is the only thing protecting him from impeachment or jail. (of course)
    If he loses this wall promise, he knows he’ll further erode his brainless base. He’s cornered like the feral rat he is, at the expense $ of a million employees. In his own words.. “ You will be so sick of WINNING, i garantee it “…
    Tick Tock …


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