God, today must have burned Trump’s ass like a flamethrower. But I guess a guy can only stand there for so long with his thumb up his ass, while his own hand picked experts stand a foot away and tell the nation he’s full of shit, before he finally has to accept reality. Then throw in the fact that, despite his best economic genius, we may well be on the way to an economic recession almost as deadly as the coronavirus on his watch. Man! Even calling Hannity to bitch ain’t gonna take the sting out of this one.

But with those admissions, no matter how much he gritted his teeth, the battlefield has just changed, and in a critical way. Trump admitted that there are actually two distinct crises, a humanitarian crisis brought on by the coronavirus, and an economic crisis, likely at least partially brought on by the coronavirus. And as everybody should know by now, when presented with human pain and suffering, and corporate losses, Trump and the GOP will jump on the economic fix first, every goddamn time.

So far, there have been two emergency spending bills, and Speaker Pelosi is hell bent for leather for a third one. By necessity, the first two have been focused on the government’s response to the virus, and making resources available to combat it. The third package Pelosi is working on deals with things like extending unemployment back to 99 weeks, a moratorium on foreclosures and evictions, as well as interest payments on student debt, and even Mitt Romney is wandering around the Senate, trying to gin up support for an Andrew Yang style monthly government payment to every adult in the country.

I hate to be a stick in the mud, but fuckinfuggedaboudit! MSNBC reported earlier this afternoon that the US airlines are preparing to beg for a $50 billion bailout, and that;s just to start. Late last week in one of his press conferences, Trump floated (pun intended) a bail out package for cruise ship companies. and even earlier in the week, it was uttered that Trump was trying to find a way to put together a bail out package for his shitty resort properties.

The Democrats, led by Bernie Sanders are arguing that, if tens of millions, maybe hundreds of millions are going to be spent, it should be spent on people. Sanders wants to use some of that booty to provide every American with health insurance. There are calls for the government to make good the payments that small businesses miss on their mortgages and leases due to be shuttered by the virus. And there was talk about using some of the money to alleviate some of the crushing student loan debt in this country, and making sure that every American sidelined by the virus is fully compensated.

All heady stuff, and all quite practical, but all heading in the wrong direction as far as El Pendejo Presidente and the GOP are concerned. They’ll wanna subsidize the oil industry because nobody is buying gas, they’ll want to pay Disney for keeping their overpriced theme parks closed, and McDonald’s because nobody is snarfing down on their thawed and fried burgers. And if Shelly Adelson has anything to say about it, they’ll want to compensate hotel/casinos for lost revenue, especially on the sports book betting.

Mark my words, as the issue of stopping the bleeding and recovery shifts from medical preparedness to economic recovery and assistance, the GOP will pull every one of these out of the hat, and more. They’ll want to play one-for-me-and-one-for-you, except the numbers will be weighted in the wrong direction. And also because for some dumb reason, neither McConnell nor the GOP seem to be able to come to grips with the indisputable fact the the Democrats have finally found a pair.

Fortunately this is a battle that the Democrats can win tactically. Just keep their own proposals person facing, and realistic, and then not only strip out any GOP corporate fluff jobs, but go directly to the media and tell people exactly how much money this was going to give to a fat cat corporation that should be going to help everyday Americans instead. And if they do that, the fall attack ads write themselves;

In March of 2020, as the coronavirus pandemic raged, and you worried about losing your home to a big bank, Mitch McConnell and the GOP Senate were worried about losing their large corporate donations from the very same big banks. Fortunately, the Democrats were there to fight for everyday Americans, and stop the GOP’s $675 million bailout to the big banks.

This battle is coming, and the Democrats must win it. Because it’s all in the perception. It’s not just Democratic moms and dads that are going to be furloughed, so are Republican and independent ones. It isn’t only Democratic kids who are going to be home from school for weeks, if not months, so will GOP ones. If the Democrats stand firm on this, and come out looking like the ones who stood tall for the ordinary Americans, then they win the day, because Trump and the GOP are already going to get the blame for botching the response, and the recession, and these crises are going to touch almost every American in one way or another. Memories just aren’t that short, especially for something like this.

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