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The victory of Doug Jones in Alabama means the GOP push to get their tax bill signed into law just took on new urgency. They’re busy reconciling House and Senate versions; a vote might come as early as next week. They need to get it done before Jones is sworn in and they have one less vote to work with in the Senate. 

But this can work both ways. Every Republican currently holding office has to be looking at what just happened in Alabama and wondering how safe their own seat is. There is almost no popular support for the GOP tax plan:

one would expect the Trump tax cut bill to be quite popular. And yet, it is actually the most widely-reviled piece of tax legislation in modern American history. As FiveThirtyEight’s Harry Enten notes, Americans currently view the GOP plan more negatively than they did the tax hikes passed under Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush.

When your so-called tax cut is less popular than a tax hike, you know the wheels are coming off.

So, here’s the important thing to take away: KEEP THE HEAT ON!!!. If you’ve got a GOP Congressman and/or Senator, burn up the phone lines, hit the emails, and pound the message home on social media: NO DEAL. 

And that’s even more important if you are being represented by Democrats in Congress.

Let them know you will not tolerate any attempts to compromise on the tax disaster, no matter what the Republicans may offer in trade. They can’t be trusted, their word is worthless, and they need to be stopped at all costs.

The tax bill they’re getting ready to shove down our throats will be a disaster for America. It’s not just a giveaway to the rich — it’s an attack on liberal values and Democratic sources of power. (My local NPR station was putting out the end of year contribution beg with a new twist — you won’t be able to claim it as a deduction next year.)

Ryan and McConnell will be doing everything they can to get the bill to Trump. Let the rest of the Looter Caucus know it’s going to cost them if they do. 

RESIST! Forward Momentum!!!

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