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Good grief, not this evil motherfu*cker again. “President Donald Trump is reportedly ready to get rid of his Department of Homeland Security secretary as early as this week and is mulling replacing her with Thomas Homan, a former acting director of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency because he likes his tough-talk on immigration, Politico reported.

“Tough-talk,” as in being so extreme that his nomination to permanently lead ICE never went to the Senate for a vote because it may have actually failed. Homan became one of the most dangerous men in America during his tenure, speaking at hate group events and vindictively threatening to escalate raids and detain immigrants far from their families in response to California passing pro-immigrant legislation—and followed through on that threat:

Angelo Paparelli, a Los Angeles-based immigration attorney with the firm Seyfarth Shaw LLP told the Chronicle, “Serving 77 notices of inspection on different employers in the last three days within a single area of responsibility, in this case, San Francisco, appears unprecedented.”

When Homan shamelessly lied about one of these raids and pressured a spokesperson to do the same, that person quit instead. “I quit because I didn’t want to perpetuate misleading facts,” said James Schwab. Under Homan’s watch, unshackled agents flouted their own policy dictating that schools and churches should be mostly off-limits, even arresting immigrant men as they left a church hypothermia shelter in Virginia. Ice cold.

So can another Homan nomination pass the Senate when the Senate didn’t even try the first time around? Maybe not if we’re loud enough—that is, if the report about Homan actually being in contention even pans out. Some of these Trump people like spreading news about themselves, after all. If it does, his record will be right there waiting for him.

“I have many questions for the administration’s ICE nominee Tom Homan,” U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin tweeted shortly before Homan’s retirement earlier this year. “He’s been acting director for over a year but hasn’t come before the Senate for confirmation. Why? My colleagues and I want to know what’s keeping away a key player in the President’s mass deportation agenda.”

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