Not strong enough? The chickenhawk opines on PTSD combat vets. I am very angry over this.

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He has really crossed the line here.   I don’t have a curse word strong enough for this stupidity and he may have just caused more vets to commit suicide describing them all but weak.   He is a threat to so many people but it is unbelievable that he does this and no wonder he can’t sleep.   He has to go.   He has to go.   He has to go.   I have never been so angry that I could not type what I am thinking and sure can’t say on here what I am thinking.   The man is more than a menace.   He is so dangerous.

Speaking at a Monday conference for U.S. military veterans in Virginia, Donald Trump suggested those who suffer from posttraumatic stress disorder when they return from war are not as “strong” as those who are able to “handle it.”

This coming from a man who is afraid of an American Eagle, 5 deferments and would not be able to have anyone’s back if he had gone to a warzone.  He is more than despicable.  He is not worthy to breathe our oxygen.

When you talk about the mental health problems, when people come back from war and combat, and they see things that maybe a lot of the folks in this room have seen many times over — and you’re strong and you can handle it — but a lot of people can’t handle it,” the Republican nominee said while taking questions at the Retired American Warriors event in Herndon, Va.

I don’t like to use language like this but all I have to say about Donald J Trump is (censored), you cowardly (censored).  He didn’t even know how many in that room was suffering from PTSD.  He is beyond stupid.

When I read this, all I could think about was a vet I was visiting in the hospital when another vet was sitting in a wheelchair.   The young doctor was trying to tell the vet in the wheelchair that his mental problems and PTSD were all about not moving on.   The vet looked at the doc and said, “ Hey Doc, you ever been shot at?”

The Doctor said No.   The vet replied, “ What are you doing Saturday”?

I nearly fell over laughing as I watched that young know it all doc run to the exit with terror in his eyes.   I was visiting my husband and it was in 1994.  I will never forget that conversation from that fellow and the young intern who had lots to learn.    Every vet out on that patio laughed as that doc took his charts and stupid butt as far away as he could get.

People who talk like this know nothing about PTSD and they sure know nothing about veterans or anyone else who suffers from any type of trauma.

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Every military person has their own experience. They do-not all have the same experience. No one has the right to judge them. My dad was in The Army WWII. He was in the Hurtgen Forest (not enough food, no winter clothes) the casualty rate according to 4th division book was 140%. They did not even need to be there except some ass officer wanted another bar. They were sent to Luxembourg for R&R and ended up in the middle of the Battle of the Bulge. Dad was stationed with others in a farm house outside the city. The Germans went… Read more »