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If you want to find truly egregious anti-democratic behavior, look no further than pretty much anyone connected to North Carolina’s Republican Party. Republican Mark Harris, a man whose election “victory” is under a cloud of very real allegations of fraud, has spent the better part of the last few days hiding from anyone trying to ask him about whether or not he should be going to jail.

To recap: Questions surrounding Mark Harris’ part in a fraudulent absentee-ballot scheme, which may have helped him “win” both the Republican primary against Rep. Robert Pittenger and the contested congressional election against Democratic candidate Dan McCready, recently came to light. The evidence against Harris has been steadily piling up, and Harris’ Nov. 6 election win is now pending an investigation. On Jan. 3, Harris filed a lawsuit in the hope of ending the investigation into how much of a scumbag he is.

On Monday night, Harris spoke to Mecklenburg County Republicans at the Charlotte Mecklenburg Government Center. Afterward, he made a beeline out of the building as fast as he could to evade WSOC-TV Channel 9 reporter Joe Bruno’s questions. Racing through to get out the back door, Harris set off the fire alarm of an emergency exit.

Harris gave what can only be called a truly sociopathic damage-control response.

Just speculating, but when your pants are constantly on fire the way Harris’ are, it’s a surprise that he doesn’t keep setting off alarms. The congressional seat is currently vacant pending an investigation by the state’s board of elections, which is likely to order a new election based on the allegations of election fraud.

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