No Trump Has Not Spoken Out “Clearly and Frequently” Against Violence Against Women

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I don’t watch Fox News and therefore I did not see Fox get a chance to ask White House spokesman Hogan Gidley about Trump’s thoughts on domestic abuse.  It happened two days ago, and apparently Gidley said; “The president has been very clear. All forms of abuse, all forms of battery against women are deplorable and disgusting.”

Brian Kilmeade, one of the three dumbest people on the three-person morning show, said (to his credit): “But he hasn’t said that.”

Au contraire said Gidley: “You haven’t talked to him today. Obviously, he’s said that multiple times in the past. I’ve talked to the president about issues surrounding this type of behavior and he finds it disgusting.”

Trump did sign a public proclamation as president, a proclamation against violence unleashed upon women. But Trump has also signed public proclamations regarding financial accountability and Irish Heritage, and one hundred others on various topics. Presidents sign public proclamations. They don’t “say” them and they don’t write them. Most people never see a public proclamation, nor hear about them.

Beyond that? When has Trump spoken about violence against women? All those speeches, all the news articles over the years, there have to be hundreds of occasions, right? “Clearly” and “frequently”?

Well, Politifact found that the closest thing Trump did to bravely take a stand against hitting women was …a quote from 2015 involving Bill Clinton.

Prior to that, in 2013, Trump came the closest he has ever come, at all, to publicly speaking out on behalf of women:

If you are not real careful, you might read that tweet as a slap against people who advocate sexual abuse prevention, and/or President Obama if it is just a wail about America’s ungreatness at the time.

If we wanted to see “the most wrong” thing Trump has ever said about men who abuse women, we have to go further back to a comment in 2012 about Rihanna:

Actually, Donald, a “beater” who realizes that he’s a beater and goes and gets help with his problems can actually recover, stop beating women and become part of the solution, advocating for women’s rights.

The only “beaters who are always beaters” are those who don’t see it as all that big a problem, people who need to lie about it. The people who cover it up are the problem, Donald. You and your staff have to lie about the single easiest thing on Earth to tell the truth about, that hitting women is wrong. I am presupposing that you believe that hitting people is wrong.

The real point is that Donald Trump only came out against domestic abuse when the subject hurt HIM politically. As always, Trump does what is best for Trump. Until such time as it hurt him, he clearly and frequently kept his mouth shut or advocated on behalf of wife-beaters, needing due process. He was far more clear about the unfairness against men than he ever was about women.

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