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Tuesday night’s State of the Union was an incoherent, nasty, ridiculous mess, completely devoid of substance. And full of lies. Lots. Of. Lies. Like this one: “The next major priority for me, and for all of us, should be to lower the cost of healthcare and prescription drugs—and to protect patients with pre-existing conditions.”

No, he does not intend to protect people with pre-existing conditions. He never has. He has been working to destroy those protections, which are included in the Affordable Care Act, since his first day in office. His administration has argued in court that protecting people with pre-existing conditions is unconstitutional!

Among his most recent sabotages of the law was expanding short-term health plans, bare-bones insurance that’s cheap and will draw people out of the regular markets. Why are these plans cheap? Because they don’t cover people with pre-existing conditions, 27 percent of all non-elderly Americans.

As for lowering prescription drug prices? We’ve all seen the stories. Diabetics are risking their lives by rationing their insulin. He’s got a former pharmaceutical executive for a Health and Human Services director, and their previous supposed push to lower drug prices was a total sham.

As for his big plan to end HIV by 2030? That’s destined to go the way of that big infrastructure plan he entered office with two years ago. The one that’s never seen the light of day.

No, the only thing Trump cares about when it comes to health care is destroying everything President Obama and the Democrats built. Fortunately, the voting public recognizes that. The blue wave of healthcare voters that swept out House Republicans is going to flush out the rest of the Republican swamp in 2020.

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  1. Isnt it time to remove this sh*tstain on humanity from office!!!. Now, not in two years!!!, doesn’t anyone have any balls.


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