No Man Is An Island –Well, Maybe ONE

Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump reacts as he arrives at a campaign event in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, U.S., April 21, 2016. REUTERS/Carlos Barria - RTX2B46Z

Can this possibly be how it all ends? Is it possible that The Mouth That Roared ends his days in the White House like Ebenezer Scrooge before the ghosts showed up, a bitter old man, padding around the residence in worn Gucci carpet slippers, and mumbling at the paintings on the walls while he spoons home a cold, thin gruel?

Dear Lord, but it’s sure starting to look that way. Donald Trump prided himself on, and boasted endlessly about being the consummate self made man. First of all, that’s biologically impossible, his mother and father actually have to take the blame for that mess that is. But Trump loves to boast to his brainless crowds that He alone can fix this!, and it’s starting to look more and ore like he’s going to get that chance.

It’s really rather funny when you think about it, for the past 3 1/2 years, the GOP Senate has stuck with Trump through thick and thin, endlessly embarrassing themselves, and now they finally scatter like a clutter of kittens because Trump is finally embarrassing them! Yesterday’s Senate committee hearing was a total debacle for Trump. Not only was there a complete lack of allegiance and support from HOP Senators for Trump’s pie-in-the-sky assertions about the state of the crisis, but at least three GOP Senators, including committee Chair Lamar Alexander directly criticized Trump’s response, as well as his administrations bald faced lies on the subject. Only Rand Paul of Kentucky sounded like he was toeing the Trump line, but in reality he wasn’t, he was just being Rand Paul. You know, a dick.

This started two weeks ago, with Trump’s disastrous coronavirus press conference in which he actually suggested that people should inject Clorox disinfectant into their bodies to combat the virus. This was a bridge too far even for toadying GOP incumbents, although slobbering Trump supporters started calling local health departments for step-by-step instructions. Trump had just set foot on the island.

It has only gotten worse. The Monday after, Trump again held a presser, this time without his CDC props, and was so mercilessly hounded by the press that he cut the whole thing short and stormed away from the podium. This is unheard of for Trump, who relishes the opportunity to slap the media around at every opportunity. And it turned out to not be a solo either, as Trump’s last attempt at a coronavirus presser ended up with him being so hounded by a pair of female reporters that he once again walked off in a high fury. And not one GOP voice was raised in defense.

Trump is so isolated these days that he can’t even get out and do a photo op without being told to stay home. He had planned to visit the factory in Pennsylvania where workers literally barricaded themselves in the factory for 28 days to remain healthy while they created the special cloth needed to make masks. Trump wanted to show up at the factory, and make a bunch of goo-goo noises about the courage of the workers, and the American spirit while the cameras rolled, but the factory owner begged off. Best yet, they made their reason public, they hadn’t just barricaded themselves in a factory for 28 days to stay safe, only to contract coronavirus from some moron who won’t even wear one of their masks.

I say that Trump is on an island because, from what I can see, Trump is starting to feel like he’s on an island. He can’t even protect himself in his own White House. He just announced that he and VP Pence are going to be maintaining some distance from each other. I get the feeling that Mike Pence would be fine if that social distancing meant that he physically relocate to Singapore. But there is an even bigger reason why Trump feels like he’s stranded on an island.

And that reason is that he’s lost his base. No, I don’t mean that those shambling idjits won’t vote for him, but to Trump it feels e like’s lost his base. From the opening day of his campaign to today, Trump has been slavishly devoted to his base. That’s because that base, through their public adulation if him, feeds that empty hole in his soul. But Trump can’t see them anymore, and now apparently he can’t feel them either, and that is freaking him out. His poll numbers are poor, but that’s not the worst. Trump has repeatedly called for mass rallies to Liberate the states!, and yet, by all basic accounts, can’t get more than 500 people to come out to protest, and some of them are actually wearing masks! This has to be worrying Trump sick, because if he can’t motivate them to come out and rally for him to reopen the economy, how sure can he really be that he can motivate them to come out and vote for him in November?

And Trump will remain on an island, at least as far as the Senate is concerned. Those GOP Senators drew a line in the sand yesterday, This far and no further. The RSCC itself advised vulnerable GOP incumbents to avoid praising Trump’s pandemic response, and while they may not criticize him directly, they appear to be following that advice. Polling shows that every time Trump has a televised temper tantrum or an extended Tweet storm, it’s like a campaign ad for Joe Biden. Americans, especially older, more vulnerable Americans are scared shitless right now, and they want calm, steady, sober leadership, not endless vitriol and public displays of temper, which is all Trump can give them. And vulnerable GOP incumbents are starting to make a conscious decision to keep paddling their leaky little dinghies, rather than set foot on shore with Trump. But when it comes to Donald Trump, we’re about to find out whether He alone can fix anything other than his own demise, because it doesn’t look like anybody is on the horizon with a tool box any time soon.

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David Bishop
David Bishop

And yet he keeps winning…in the lower courts, SCOTUS, the senate, the house. And remember Russia, without breaking a sweat, will make up for any 5 points he’s behind in the unreliable polls. Ya things look just great don’t they?


And yet, after a hard day barking orders to an empty room, he can’t even down a few brews cause beer doesn’t like him either. Stranded on an empty island without beer. I just can’t think of anything worse. And he deserves every second of that misery. Cheers !

chris whitley
chris whitley

Well personally, I see that he’s like when you see in the movie some dumb cluck hanging on a marker buoy. Dumb idiot just sitting there watching ships float by.