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If 70 million voted for Trump, the GOP expects that number or more will rise up to nullify the 2020 election and overthrow the government. Just remember that Kimberly Guilfoyle Humiliated the Trump Campaign by Offering a Lap Dance to the Highest Donor. Expect more stunts that won’t finance what they promise.

The grift continues.


There’s still more rubes out there.


There won’t be any confederate Trump statues, even if he promoted lost causes.

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  1. Asking for money to retire tRumps debt. Isn’t that how he left many business’s bankrupt. He won’t donate any of his money to the debt. But I bet his cult will.

  2. Okay so Allen thanks for the read Wow, gotta dust myself off after that. But it is precisely why 46 must prosecute 45 and all enablers for treason – trying to undo our government, pitting one segment of society against another, etc. Has to be done or these power thirsty bastards will be back w/ a vengeance in 4 short years.
    Get the word out. Has to be done.

  3. Trump a grotesque fat ass with a mouth full of pig slop, states that he was shafted true the American people did shaft him. They put him on a pig spit and voted his huge ass out. This COWARD baby is not fit to live in the USA. He is a malignant fistation along g with his uneducated low life children. Leave this country go to Russia and screw them up and see how Putin handles that. Scum trump, pig shit Lindsey Graham, horse face mitch McConnell. and gross huge fat ass and dumbest idiot Barr, should step aside and let the people lead their country, or else.


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