Mitch seems to think by “not having a plan” — he gives this band of GOP renegades some sort of political cover in 2022.

Not so fast Moscow.  Your party of Insurrection DOES have a record — which is coming home to roost more and more, with each passing day …

McConnell: No legislative agenda for 2022 midterms

by Jonathan Swan, Alayna Treene, Axios — Dec 4, 2021

  • It happens all the time,” the source told Axios. “Donors especially are always asking for an agenda of some kind and McConnell pushes back hard. Because he knows that all it does is take the focus off unpopular Dem policies and gives Dems something tangible to tear apart.”
  • “One of the biggest mistakes challengers often make is thinking campaigns are about them and their ideas,” the source continued. “No one gives a sh-t about that. Elections are referendums on incumbents.”
  • “Challengers need to keep the focus on what incumbents promised and point out how they failed to deliver and how that has negatively impacted voters’ lives,” the source said.

—  Speaking of “something tangible” …

  • A McConnell run Senate will hand out MORE tax cuts for Corporations.
  • A McConnell run Senate will hand out MORE Voter crack-downs at the Ballot box.
  • A McConnell run Senate will hand out MORE guns, to more at-risk people.
  • A McConnell run Senate will stack the Courts with even MORE activist judges, like Amy Coney Barrett.

— Speaking of “delivering on promises” …

  • Dems promised to get America running again — and delivered!
  • Dems promised to help working families — and delivered!
  • Dems promised to turn Infrastructure Week, into Infrastructure DECADE — and delivered!
  • Dems promised to end America’s longest War — and delivered!

A McConnell run Senate will have NO AGENDAexcept MORE Obstruction.

In contrast:

Dems will get stuff done!

Again and again.

While the GOP will “fight like hell” to stop us, to stop progress … to overturn the will of the People, by hook or by crook.

— —

It’s up to us, to not let them

I didn't leave you.  I passed you the baton.  It's your turn now.  GET UP AND FIGHT.
Don’t let McConnell get the last laugh.  Get Up and Fight.

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