Nikki Haley gets roasted on Twitter after ill-considered complaint about shipping delays

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As Donald Trump works to destroy the U.S. Postal Service, leading to delivery delays, one of his former top officials took to Twitter to complain about delivery delays. Former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley used her 663,000-follower Twitter platform to assail Popcorn Factory for “two messed up birthday orders missed delivery dates with no explanation.”

These people truly have no shame. For the record, Popcorn Factory ships with FedEx as well as the Postal Service, so we can’t know which shipping service—or Popcorn Factory itself—was responsible for Haley’s #DisappointedNephew. But it sure is suspicious that she’s complaining about missed deliveries at the exact same time people around the country are complaining about the same thing—but many of those people are correctly attributing it to the mail-slowing policies of Louis DeJoy, Trump’s new postmaster general.

This random personal attack on a company definitely dealing with a pandemic for shipments that may well have been delayed by policies her former boss put in place to slow the mail, sabotage the entire Postal Service, and undermine November’s elections was how Haley kicked off her Twitter day, before turning to party-line commentary on TikTok and “Joe Biden’s spending agenda.”

Just another day in the life of a prominent Republican, but Twitter had thoughts.

Also, really? Haley’s nephew was super disappointed not to get flavored popcorn as a birthday present? I dunno, maybe he’s a huge popcorn person—does he favor tangerine vanilla? Cheezy jalapeño? Chicken and waffles (yes, that’s popcorn)?—but that would not be the gift I was bragging all over Twitter about having tried to send someone in my immediate family.

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Norm Reyome
Norm Reyome

Send him a bag of GOYA brand popcorn Pickki….