It’s even money who was more loaded during Night One speeches at the Republican National Convention, Donald Trump, Jr. or his main squeeze Kimberly Guilfoyle. What’s impossible to believe, is that these performances were pre-recorded, and nobody seeing them thought to ask for a second take, preferably when the participants were sober. But then again, if you’re dealing with a couple who are invoking comparisons to everybody from Elmer Gantry to North Korean news anchors to Ctulhu, maybe it’s better to just let these folks be, do your job, and keep your head down. I do see the wisdom in that.

In all events, world press outlets are carrying photos of this debacle, along with commentary on the “sheer unbridled messianism” displayed last night. What are they going to do on night four, I wonder, burst into flames?

Here’s a sampling of commentary from last night’s orgiastic ritual, deifying the One, the Only, Donald Trump, Our Saviour.  This is from cancer survivor Natalie Harp, admonishing us to count our blessings that Trump handled the coronavirus so perfectly. It sets the gold standard for disinformation. Greg Sargent, Washington Post:

Just imagine what 2020 would have looked like, fighting for your life, without Donald Trump fighting for it too. In January, there would have been no China travel ban. Millions would have died. Millions more would have been infected. There would have been no record levels of testing … no fast track for a vaccine.

If it weren’t for the glory of Trump, Harp told us, we’d all be wasting away in “Pottersville,” the purgatory in “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

Again, all nonsense. The impact of Trump’s glorious travel ban wasn’t anything close to this, and regardless, Trump allowed the virus to rampage out of control here after the ban. This whole crisis has been utterly defined by repeated failures on testing that achieved epic, disastrous proportions.

As for the vaccine, scientists inside and outside the government are already sounding the alarm that Trump is dangerously corrupting the process to bring about an “October Surprise.”

Trump as a glorious and benevolent savior. Harp also said this:

You have used your strength to make America strong again. Sacrificed the life you built to make America proud again. And risked everything to make America safe again.

And one GOP House candidate said this:

Mr. President, lead the way. Millions in our American family believe in this path to destiny. Guide us to that horizon!

Again, what’s striking here is the totalizing quality of the hagiography. Trump’s performance has been comprehensively flawless in every conceivable way, even miraculously so. And in the process, Trump himself has demonstrated nothing but extraordinary heroism, self-sacrifice and infinite benevolence.

It became blindingly apparent at last night’s revival meeting, that Trumpism is a cult, because as in all religions and cults, it is focused on the teachings of a leader who has been personally touched by God and elevated to lead us all, due to his superior qualities. We were asked — if you can believe this — to Behold Trump the Man.

The need to let Trump into your hearts. Donald Trump Jr. ludicrously claimed that Trump’s GOP is “open to everyone” and offers an America in which the “good guys win.” And then Trump Jr. said this:

It starts by rejecting radicals who want to drag us into the dark, and embracing the man who represents a bright and beautiful future for all. It starts by reelecting Donald J. Trump president of the United States.

The first step into the promised land begins with embracing Trump the man. When juxtaposed with the phrase “bright and beautiful future,” the wide-eyed, cultish quality of this becomes overwhelming. As Aaron Rupar joked, this had a real “Pyongyang note” to it.

Oh, yeah. If you’ve never watched a North Korean state TV news broadcast, they end with a picture of the sun rising high into the sky, racing over a mountain top, as Kim Jong-Un rides across the plain on a white horse. An announcer intones how it’s been another glorious day in paradise, under his leadership.

From profiteering sloganeer to tin cup messiah, the rise of Donald Trump, to head a morally bankrupt Republican party, and shake down the rubes for votes and money. I can’t wait for tonight, to see what they do for an encore.



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  1. More like the antichristos, the Antichrist! Scary stuff! I’ve been saying that just after his election. Wonder how many followers have inscribed “the mark of the Beast” on their foreheads? They are two different personages or beings in the Bible but either one suits Trump and his minions. Amazing who otherwise reasonable people will follow.

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