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Anticom, the March Against Communism, scheduled for three days after Christmas, is bringing exactly the same people to Charlotte, NC as Unite The Right brought to Charlottesville, VA so the people of Charlotte have just cause to be alarmed. If that wasn’t enough, the wingnuts are posting online flyers telling everybody to bring their guns and torches.  Newsweek:

Three days after Christmas, an event called the March Against Communism is scheduled to include speakers such as white nationalist activist Richard Spencer; Augustus Invictus, a onetime Libertarian Party candidate for Senate from Florida; and a representative of the white nationalist group Vanguard America. The event is being planned by a burgeoning “anti-Communist” organization called Anticom at Marshall Park—and the whole thing sounds a whole lot like a replay of the gathering at Charlottesville.

Adding to those similarities, organizers are urging attendees to bring “torches, guns, armor, gear and flags,” which sounds eerily familiar to the tactics seen during Unite the Right. This time, though, it’s not Confederate monuments the marchers will be circling: Marshall Park is home to a statue of Martin Luther King Jr. and a Holocaust memorial.

Anticom’s organizational structure is primarily online, and it is anonymous by nature. The group is active on social media and on Discord, a popular freeware app designed for gamers—and the same online location where neo-Nazi and white supremacist accounts allegedly geared up for a fight at Charlottesville. On Discord, a self-identified group spokesperson told Newsweek about its stated purpose and its desire to keep organizers from being doxed, which means having their identities leaked to the public.

This is not to be taken lightly. Even one of the right winger’s wrote on line, “What is Spencer’s end goal? Apparently by trying to get some of your fool asses killed.” Unfortunately, more people could get killed than the fool asses.

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