In the news today: Texas Democrats left the state today to deny Republicans a legislative quorum after Texas Gov. Greg Abbott called another special session to push through new restrictions on voting. Climate change is here, and the Pacific Northwest is instituting emergency provisions to protect farm workers from record heat. A group of pro-Trump “lawyers” tried today to convince a judge they shouldn’t be harshly sanctioned for submitting absurd and false claims as part of Trump’s attempt to overturn the election, and it didn’t go well for any of them.

Here’s some of what you may have missed:

Texas Democrats leave state to deny legislative quorum, head to D.C. to save voting rights

It’s hard to believe, but a sanctions hearing on the baseless Kraken-pot lawsuit was a disaster

Oregon and Washington implement emergency farmworker protections amid extreme heat wave

Republican screwups on infrastructure hurt people from Kentucky to Michigan to Mississippi to NYC

Fox News wants to have it both ways on Trump and Carlson’s nonstop lies. The strain is showing

From the community:

Trump’s disastrous tariffs have caused unprecedented damage – possibly lasting decades

Time to Trigger the Nuclear Option

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