In the news today: The nation slides towards another self-inflicted crisis as Republicans once again vow to block a debt ceiling boost. The reason? So their party can campaign against Democrats for keeping America’s bills paid. Yet another book of the Trump era explores the depth of the Trump team’s depravity, including the effort Mike Pence went to to try to meet Trump’s demand that the United States presidential election be nullified so that Trump could maintain power. Texas’ moves to set women’s rights back several generations are yet again resulting in trouble for the state’s tech companies; it turns out that high-education tech workers would rather not live in a hellhole of far-right religious extremism, no matter how many tax breaks their benevolent corporate masters have been showered with. Go figure.

Here’s some of what you may have missed:

Republicans demand the debt ceiling be raised … and promise to block Democratic attempts to do so

Mike Pence didn’t stand up to Trump, he tried ‘over and over’ to find a way to reverse the election

‘Exit TX’: Republicans’ extreme politics send Texas-based tech companies into crisis mode

LGBTQ+ workers of color report shocking levels of abuse and discrimination in the workplace

Okay, we crushed the California recall, now can we fix the screwed-up recall provision?

Community Spotlight:

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