It is Friday. The news has been a mixture of foreign policy hawks versus the American public’s desire not to be hawks, and anti-mask GOP officials versus the American public’s desire for this pandemic to be brought under control. Here is some of what you might have missed.

Racist Texas Republicans pass racist voting restrictions, tell Democrats to not call it racist

Republicans want America to know they also have a strategy on Afghanistan: Use it to hurt Joe Biden

Judge rules against Florida Man DeSantis in important mask mandate case

Six conservative Supreme Court justices are trying to rule the nation from the shadows

COVID-19 continues to burn through the Southeast, but there’s a signal that it won’t burn forever

Barbara Lee, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez lead call urging Biden admin to raise refugee admissions cap​​​​​​​

COVID-19 isn’t the only public health crisis amped up by misinformation, stigma, and fear​​​​​​​

And from the Community:

Illinois Governor Pritzker Shuts Down Lie Spewing Talk Radio Host

No, we should NOT “chill out” on the California recall based on a single poll!​​​​​​​

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