In the news today: President Biden’s policy goals remain popular, but still face two big obstacles: The first is a Republican Party looking to sabotage both the White House and the recovery in hopes of winning back electoral power for themselves. The second? Democratic lawmakers worry that plans to raise taxes on corporations and the wealthy back to where they were before the destructive 2017 cuts will result in blowback during their own campaigns. In the meantime, the House Republican civil war pitting Trump’s hoax promoters against intraparty critics goes on, and on, and on.

Here’s some of what you might have missed:

As White House reaches out, Republicans seem determined to kill Biden’s jobs plan one way or another

Biden’s very popular proposals are meeting resistance as some Democrats fret over raising taxes

McCarthy’s role in Cheney ouster isn’t winning him support: He ‘doesn’t have the backbone to lead’

Powell and Giuliani didn’t invent the Big Lie. The kraken was cooked up in a big-money scam

32 shots fired blindly in Breonna Taylor’s death: ‘This is how the wrong person was shot and killed’

From the community:

Pipeline Attack handed Pres. Biden a HUGE Opportunity to Crush Manchin/GQP on Infrastructure

Black Americans That Manage to Buy Homes Face a Brand-New Problem: Regressive Property Taxes

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