In the news today: A new leak reveals the tax bills of American billionaires, and surprise—they’re effectively nothing. The Biden White House is distancing itself from a widely blasted Justice Department decision to continue representing Donald Trump as he attempts to dodge a lawsuit stemming from his alleged rape of a woman during the 1990s. Yet more evidence emerges to prove that the Trump-Giuliani plan to force the Ukrainian government to publicly endorse anti-Biden hoaxes was an extortion scheme, plain and simple—and provides another reminder that Republican senators voted near-unanimously to bury that evidence.

Here’s some of what you may have missed:

21 millionaires in Congress have helped 25 billionaires pay almost nothing in taxes

Family reunification task force says at least 3,900 kids were stolen from parents by previous admin

White House distances itself from Justice Department decision to keep acting as Trump’s lawyer

Giuliani made his own Ukraine extortion call, but we can’t impeach him … he’ll have to be indicted

‘Boogaloo Boi’ killer was an active member of a secretive terrorist militia group planning violence

Supporters sell out east Texas bakery two days in a row after backlash over Pride Month cookies

From the community:

Burger King just destroyed Chick-Fil-A’s hatemongering, and I’m loving it

All medical workers that can get a Covid19 vaccination – MUST or be fired

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