New York Times editorial page head resigns after publishing fascist Tom Cotton op-ed

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The New York Times‘ Editorial Page Editor James Bennet has resigned after the publication of an editorial by Sen. Tom Cotton advocating that the military be deployed to end racial injustice protests throughout the United States. Bennet had been the head of the Times‘ editorial pages since 2016.

The Times faced immediate and furious backlash for publishing the op-ed, including from within the Times itself. After repeatedly defending the decision to run Cotton’s anti-American screed, it came out that the Times‘ editors had themselves solicited for Cotton to make his caseā€”and that Bennet had not even read the piece before publishing it.

The Times has long ignored critics of their editorial policies, but the internal fury over Cotton’s call for “no quarter” against fellow Americans proved too much for Bennet to weather. He is expected to remain with the paper, but in a “new role in the newsroom.”

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2 Comments on "New York Times editorial page head resigns after publishing fascist Tom Cotton op-ed"

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Where are the opposing voices and chorus against Tom Cotton, the fascist, the racist?

Dick Panico
Dick Panico

Time to stop the stupidity, and Tom Cotton Mouth
, should have known better . He was a member
of the military that blacks have honorably served
along side him .
He should be ashamed ,and no right to
add fuel to the fire going on now in our
country !
It reveals him as a CLOSET racist!