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In case you missed it, Donald Trump chose Kelly Knight Craft, wife of coal billionaire Jon Craft, to be the new U.S. Ambassador to Canada a few days ago. The big Republican Party donor and businesswoman has been slowly moving up the “international” appointment list since getting a delegate nod to the United Nations by everybody’s favorite president George W. Bush back in 2007. Being interviewed by Canadian media, Ms. Craft was asked about climate change. This is a big issue … all around the world. The reason it’s a big issue ALL AROUND THE WORLD is that it affects people who call anywhere in the world home. Looking like someone failing their first ever high school oral presentation, Craft attempts a talking point that she had to have been coached on. And she mangles it epically.

You know there are good sciences on both issues and I believe we are committed to our environment. Obviously, there are a lot of people on this earth and that is going to be the result [sic] of some of these damages to the planet but I know that the president and the cabinet has the best interest of what is good for the United States and what is good for our environment.

Forget about how amazingly inarticulate Ms. Craft is—this is our ambassador to a predominantly English-speaking country—the fact that she claims the frequently debunked climate denial science has an equivalence in “goodness” is remarkable. Her husband is a billionaire because of coal.

Knight Craft is married to American billionaire coal magnate Joe Craft. He’s the president and CEO of Alliance Resource Partners L.P., the second-largest coal producer in the eastern United States, which operates 10 coal mine complexes in five states, according to the company’s website.

How is she not the single most prepared bullshit artist when it comes to climate denial? Even better, the woman who is charged with convincing another country that their relationship with our country is beneficial, finishes off her point about the earth’s environment by saying the United States’ leadership is interested in what’s best for the United States, no mention of Canada.

One of the few positives that can be taken away from the disaster of our current administration is that it has laid bare how truly unimpressive the extraordinarily wealthy are in our country. Watching a crew of people who have been lucky by birth to live in a rigged system bumble their way through destroying our democracy has been enlightening to some. These idiots have been protected for decades by their relative anonymity. Many people, including sadly a lot of the electorate, believe that having wealth equals having intelligence. With people like Donald Trump, Kelly Craft, Steve Mnuchin, and Betsy DeVos on television dunder-heading their way through things, that mythology is dead.

The articulation of dumb begins a little before the one minute mark.

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