The Trump World propaganda wheel is spinning double time tonight as a new Trump ad released the first day of the government shut down blames everything on “unchecked illegal immigration” which is a policy that, according to the ad, the Democrats in congress endorse above all else. The ad then conflates this “policy” to mean that Democrats, particularly Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are complicit in all the murders that are being committed by illegal immigrants. If you dare to oppose Trump, you are responsible for crimes committed by other people.  Racism, meet Fearmongering, and both of you say hello to Hyperbole. Logic is on the floor, in a dead faint.

DeepStateNation via RawStory:

Here’s the flawed and deeply hypocritical logic at the heart of everything Trump says and does around the issue of immigration: First of all, he pretends he doesn’t want foreign workers in the United States, yet he continually asks for visa waivers so he can bring more immigrant laborers into the country for the purpose of working at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida.

Secondly, while Trump loves to beat his “Make America Great” drum loudly for his dimwitted supporters, he continues to have products such as his clothing line made in Mexico and China. His daughter, Ivanka, also uses the labor of workers in foreign sweatshops to make the clothes that carry her label.

So let’s take the Donald’s logic and apply it the same way he does. From this point forward, every sexual assault, rape, or incident of sexual violence in this country is the fault of President Trump. He bragged that he likes to grab women “by the pussy,” which has no doubt led to countless degrading acts since he took office a year ago.

It makes as much sense, doesn’t it? The Trump administration is desperately trying to cobble a win out of this incompetent botch of a government shut down scenario by blaming it on the Democrats and this is just one more desperate ploy to achieve that. 

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