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How Christine Blasey Ford’s Testimony Changed America

Brief excerpt from a well written article at Time Magazine.  Read the full article here:  Christine Blasey Ford Testimony

When she spoke with the Washington Post in September, she described her reluctance to go public, given the likelihood that Kavanaugh would be confirmed anyway. “Why suffer through the annihilation if it’s not going to matter?” she asked. Indeed, the backlash she and her family endured was worse than she thought. They have been driven from their home, bullied by death threats and forced to hire private security guards. Critics have smeared her as a two-bit political operative and sneered at her sexual history. Her name, even in the best circumstances, will forever be associated with the darkest moment of her life.

Yet she chose to speak up anyway, out of what she saw as civic duty. That kind of courage is rare, especially in Washington today. And Ford showed how powerful it can be.

And, yet, she persisted.  That took a level of strength (and guts) that we can all only wish we had.

Update:  Reading this explanation of how this masterpiece was created will leave you in awe of the work and the creative genius of John Mavroudis:  The Story Behind TIME’s Christine Blasey Ford Cover

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