New Skirmish In The Culture War: the NRA Just Sued The City of San Francisco On Constitutional Grounds


Monday Monday, can’t trust that day, Monday Monday sometimes it just turns out that way. Mamas and the Papas

What a news day this has been. Everything from Wilbur Ross’ participation in SharpieGate to Todd and Sarah Palin calling it quits, to a House investigation of Rudy Giuliani’s dealings with Ukraine, and now we find out that the NRA filed suit Monday against the City of San Francisco. The suit, linked to here, is in response to a recent resolution passed by the city’s Board of Supervisors, declaring the NRA a terrorist organization. New York Times:

The resolution was introduced by Supervisor Catherine Stefani on July 30, two days after a shooting at a garlic festival in Gilroy, Calif., in which three people were killed and more than a dozen others injured.

Before the resolution was put to a vote on Tuesday, Ms. Stefani spoke about the “carnage across this country,” also citing mass shootings last month in El PasoDayton, Ohio; and near Odessa, Tex.

Ms. Stefani said the N.R.A. conspires to limit gun violence research, restrict gun violence data sharing and block every piece of sensible gun violence prevention legislation proposed at local, state and federal levels.

“The N.R.A. exists to spread pro-gun propaganda and put weapons in the hands of those who would harm and terrorize us,” Ms. Stefani said in a statement. “Nobody has done more to fan the flames of gun violence than the N.R.A.”

The NRA denounced the resolution as a ” worthless and disgusting sound-bite remedy” and a “publicity stunt.” Nevertheless, they lawyered up and filed suit in U.S. District Court, alleging violations of their constitutional rights, to wit, freedom of speech and freedom of association. Here’s a brief excerpt from page 4 of 23:

“….the Resolution’s ‘terrorist’ designation is a frivolous insult — but San Francisco’s actions pose a non-frivolous, constitutional threat. In the face of recent, similar blacklisting schemes, financial institutions have expressed reluctance to provide bank accounts for disfavored political groups and city contractor’s fear losing their livelihoods if they support or even work with the NRA. Where, as here, the government’s conduct would ‘chill a person of ordinary firmness’ from continuing to engage in protected speech or association, the First Amendment mandates swift relief.”

With any luck, we’re witnessing the first spasms and death throes of the NRA. They’ve been under siege for quite some time — and so have the rest of us. 53 people died in mass shootings in the month of August in El Paso (twenty-two) Dayton (nine) Odessa (seven) and three others died in Gilroy, July 28 — not to mention the shooters, who either killed themselves or committed suicide by cop.

“Every country on earth has video games, movies and mental health issues, and yet only the U.S. has gun violence at elementary schools, at the movies, at Walmart,” Ms. Stefani said. “The difference is guns. No other country has so many assault rifles on their streets.”

This will be interesting to watch. What if other municipalities across the country adopt similar resolutions? What’s the NRA going to do, sue ’em all?


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In its current form with its current leaders its true it is a terrorist organization. Where did they get the money to even sue….

Dick Panico
Dick Panico

..When they start shooting politicians
and families , they will begin to rid these
assault weapons from America. There’s just so much money being made by Gun and Ammunition manufacturers , that
it (Trumps) ?? common sense .
.. No one hunts with assault weapons , it’s a waste of ammunition.
…Wouldn’t want that , you never know
when we need to shoot children . Or Church folks .
..But if the do , nothing will happen until
they start shooting NRA supporters. Or Congress’s families.