This is the first time I’ve ever worked directly for a Senate campaign and man, I can’t imagine they get much more fun or rewarding than this one. Especially given the news that came out today.

Tom Nelson is a progressive Democrat, former State Assembly Majority Leader, and now the County Executive in Outagamie County, a red rural-ish county where he has defied conventional wisdom and won six straight terms. He’s running against Ron Johnson and, as the non-billionaire in the Democratic primary, he’s been all for getting creative.

Of course, Johnson has made it somewhat easy with all the horrible things he’s said over the past year — casting doubt on COVID, promoting quack medicine dismissed by the FDA, promoting Trump’s Big Lie, helping incite an insurrection, and then saying incredibly racist things about Black Lives Matter. We’ve been mocking him with billboards, which he openly hates — and clearly, it’s working.

We got the results on Monday of a new poll conducted for the campaign last week and, good news: We’re leading Ron Johnson 48%-44%. 


This wasn’t a biased poll, either — it was done independently and Democrats weren’t exactly dominating. Ron Johnson is just incredibly unpopular and Tom Nelson is an authentic guy with working-class roots and deep union connections, which he’s been emphasizing with a new Kirkus star-reviewed book about how he worked with a local union to save a paper mill that had powered the local economy for more than a century.

He also issued a mask order for his county today after the conservative-controlled Wisconsin Supreme Court invalidated the statewide order, showing decisive action to keep people safe.

We also just came out with this new video today, further underscoring his roots: 


Tom is going to be the most progressive and electable candidate in the race given his support for Medicare for All and workers’ rights as well as his appeal to rural and red voters, proven by all his election victories (read more about Tom here). We’re going to keep punching above our weight financially, but since we’re a grassroots campaign, it’d be amazing if you could help out:

CLICK HERE to Donate to Tom Nelson’s Campaign via ActBlue!

I post about Tom from time to time, but if the Daily Kos community would be into him writing diaries or doing a Q&A or something, I’d love to invite him to do it. The guy is very passionate and very wonky.

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