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Steve Bannon is now being charged for conspiracy to commit fraud and money laundering. He’s being charged along with three others connected to “We Build the Wall,” an organization that took in tens of millions of dollars of Americans’ donations in order to help build the border wall between the United States and Mexico that Donald Trump campaigned on. The one that Mexico was going to pay for.

ProPublica, along with The Texas Tribune, reports that one of two new studies, soon to be entered into federal court, enumerate the many “deficiencies in the 3-mile border fence, built this year by North Dakota-based Fisher Sand and Gravel.” The 3 miles of border wall will fall down at some point because it isn’t engineered well. As with everything connected to Donald Trump, the border wall, a campaign promise preying on the racist and xenophobic fears of many, is a gold ring that will turn your finger green.

This has left the wall’s integrity lacking. Tommy Fisher, the CEO of Fisher Sand & Gravel Company of North Dakota, who promised to build the “Lamborghini” of walls, has been under scrutiny for some time. Alex Mayer, a professor of civil engineering at the University of Texas at El Paso, told ProPublica that the engineering studies show that the wall construction has been beset with cost-cutting and corner-cutting moves. “It’s not a Lamborghini, it’s a $500 used car.”

The reason why bad car dealers are willing to sell people “lemons” is because the product costs so much less than the price they are quoting, they will be able to make considerably more profit than they would legitimately. This is also the definition of a scam. It is also, to some degree, the definition of fraud. It is this very real bamboozling that the Trump administration and the people in its orbit have been consistently partaking in over the past however many years.

Scam artists fundamentally do not care about anyone but themselves. It’s a sociopathic trade by nature and whether they are hoping that their scam won’t be found out right away or not, the results are always the same—you get left holding the bag. The Trump administration and people like Steve Bannon are fighting to retain power because without it, the gig is up.

Trump has tried to distance himself from the We Build the Wall crew but facts keep getting in the way. Not only did the group make constant claims to having the president’s blessing, Trump’s own campaign staff seem to have made lots of money off the alleged money laundering scheme.

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    • For 35 years i’ve seen this POS show his true colors and be a generally horrific douche bag… Only the most ignorant of fools saw him as the answer to their problems. And amazingly some still do… it’s unreal.

  1. Donald does it again. Cons all of America getting 60billion dollars for a fake wall. Tha American people have been duped from their taxes. BANNON IS TELLING THAT THEY SIFERD OFF BILLIONS FOR OTHER THINGS WITH TRUMP. THIS 3 MILE WALL LIKE HIS BUILDINGS WILL LAST MAYBE 3 MONTHS ACCORDING TO ENGI EERS 3 years it will disintegrate, what a pack of lies we have been fed. Donny is milking us so he can pay on his clubs because they
    Were losing money, 35% in debt on all his clubs, now he is using the wall as cash flow. SICKING discusting and one uneducated person to con America, with his republican Senate tribe to let him do it, hell maybe they were getting a cut like Mccaully, Pompeo. Barr, and 50 other senators who granted him that like dumb idiots and fools they are just a guilty.


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