We continue to hear from Republicans that there is insufficient evidence of the Trump quid pro quo with Zelensky to impeach him.

Yet each new revelation consistently builds upon the same story, not one bit of evidence released (in a trickle) ever casts doubt on the original charge. Late Friday, the DOD was forced to turn over emails showing that Trump officially decided to freeze Ukrainian aid just 90 minutes after speaking to President Zelensky.

On that fateful day:

Duffey sent an email to the Pentagon comptroller on July 25 that suggested Trump was asking questions about the $250 million in military aid that Congress allocated to Ukraine after reading a Washington Examiner piece about in June.

Notice the cover in there? “After reading a Washington Examiner piece …” There is no possible way that Trump had questions about the aid because of a Washington Examiner article, Trump doesn’t read.

“The email raises further questions about the process by which Mr. Trump imposed the hold on the military aid, and the link between the hold and the requests he made of Mr. Zelensky in the telephone call, which prompted concern among national security officials with knowledge of the conversation,” said The Times.

“Raises further questions?”

Were there ever any questions to raise?

Maybe early on, but since then we’ve seen nothing but a drip drip drip of evidence that all points in the same direction. He did it.

Surprise! As Mulvaney bragged; “Get over it.”

But the revelation becomes more important as it appears to shed light on why Trump continues to hide or withhold testimony from White House officials who have direct knowledge of all that happened.

Schumer needs to find a way to catch the country’s attention with this. We need six out of ten Americans furious with the fact that Trump won’t allow testimony from the people “that were there.” We cannot allow Trump to claim “hearsay, hoax, no evidence,” while also continuing to assert executive privilege to block testimony from the people that know the very most, the ones with direct testimony, like Duffy.

Schumer should make it a New Year’s resolution to make every American know Duffy’s name, and all those facts to which Duffy could testify.

Every interview, on every channel, the Democrats need to continue to pound on each new bit of evidence that finds a crack to the outside. It never controverts or conflicts with the Democrats’ theme.

Because, surprise, “He did it.”

But we won’t get over it.


Peace, y’all



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