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Hoo-boy. Guess Germans think things have gotten a little out of hand over here in Universal Studios’ Cautionary Tale Land.

Here’s a screen grab of the full cover:


The rough translation of this: “The Fire Devil: A president sets his country on fire.”

(I nearly translated this all by myself, because I know a little German.)

Great cover, except the hands are way too big. Unless that’s a flaming vole pube he’s holding. Just how disgusting do Germans think our pr*sident is? (Can’t be nearly as disgusting as I think he is, but still.)

Also, I don’t know if this is just a wonky translation, but here’s what the “English” version of the deck on the cover story says: “George Floyd’s death triggered a wave of protest. Many blacks, who are already on the losing side thanks to Corona, are fed up with everyday racism in their country. And what is Donald Trump doing? It fuels hatred to distract from its own failure. And tries to secure his reelection with highly questionable methods.”

It? Well, can’t argue with that translation.

It destroys our country. It spreads hate. It terrorizes us all. It puts the lotion in the basket.

Pretty on-brand, honestly.


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  1. Nothing the 2nd Amendment can’t fix. My bet is he is going to get a big October surprise. Just like adolph did….

  2. The crazy person in his head continues to rule and inflame, blocking out any glimpse of reality. He will soon feel the heat, however.

  3. Has anyone heard of — does any one recall the wonderful story from the 1980s?
    Supposedly…it’s named the ONE HUNDREDTH MONKEY PHENOMENON.

    Once the 100th Monkey went to a sea shore and WASHED OFF DIRT from peaches

    rather than rub dirt away with body fur

    (a cleaning method used for GENERATIONS of primates

    The majority of monkeys saw the clarity in using WATER rather than friction.

    . My point?

    When the one-hundredth newspaper editor has the BRAVERY to cry out,

    “Resign! You incompetent Traitor- Bastard Benedict Arnold!” only then… Dear God….

    will the CANCER-IN-CHIEF be excised from the Body politic. Lord! May it be sooner than layer!
    Thank you.


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