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A new ad from Democratic Alabama Senate candidate Doug Jones uses the statements of sexual predator Roy Moore’s own party against him to make the point that the Republican candidate is just too morally bankrupt to be elected. Perhaps most notably, the ad features the words of the former occupier of that Senate seat, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who is one of the most popular politicians in the state.

“Jeff Sessions says, ‘I have no reason to doubt these young women,’” a narrator says. The state’s other GOP senator is also invoked, quoting him as saying he will “absolutely not vote for Roy Moore.”

The narrator continues, “Conservative voices, putting children and women over party, doing what’s right.”

Notably, the ad never asks voters to vote for Doug Jones, it just reminds them what an indefensible act voting for Moore is. If enough GOP voters are so disgusted they stay home or write in another candidate, the defections could be enough to tip the race away from Moore and toward Jones.

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Watch the ad below.

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