Good morning, Newdists. Happy Friday, in Biden’s America, where vaccination rates are still going strong. What a difference with a non-tweeting, policy centered Democrat at the helm.

As to Derek Chauvin’s trial, the defense hasn’t tried every bunk argument. Yet. 

I’m still holding hope they will try this one, just to appear as having made a full attempt at real bullshit— 


 Newdists, I hope you all have had at least one vaccine shot in the arm by now. What great wish are you planning on fulfilling ten days after you’ve had your second jab? I’m going to get my hair cut, and then I will be going to Michaels for organizer boxes. 

Favorite tweet of the week — 

[I wanna be hugged by a sea creature too!]


Please Newdists, grab a cuppa and something to eat, and join us in the thread. 




Begins With The Letter F


Near Flims, Switzerland


Faroe Islands


Falkland Islands


Fokino, Primorsky Krai, Russia.


Fukuyama, Hiroshima, Japan.


Faiyum, Egypt


Fermo, Italy. 


There you are, driving down the road and a song comes on the radio, and while you’re paying attention to the traffic you begin to hum with the song almost unthinkingly, and then you hum it in your head (no lyrics, just the humming) for the next three damn hours… 


New Day Cafe is an Open Thread.

What do you want to talk about today?


Newdists, I would like to take a hiatus from being online. Which of course means I am looking for someone(s) to take my Friday and Saturday timeslots for diaries. Please think about it and drop me a kosmail if you’re interested.

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