Never Trumper Rick Wilson Crows ‘Playtime Is Over and Donald Doesn’t Like It’

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The jig is up. Trump is cornered like a rat and he knows it. For the first time in his life, he is going to be held accountable and he can’t blame his problems on the “Never Trumpers, George Soros, the media meanies, and the Freemasons.” Rick Wilson gives his usual farcial-factual spin on Trump’s distress. Daily Beast:

Donald Trump, a princeling who was raised in luxury, never held accountable for any of his countless personal and business betrayals and failures, and who literally lived in a golden tower for most of his life, is not good with stress. His rage-tweeting shows us that he knows he can’t juggle all the crises steaming toward him, that he knows his astounding power to distort reality for his followers won’t shield him from the political, legal, and personal perils closing in on him.  […]

The electoral beat-down of the midterm elections left him on political terrain that’s a lot less fun than it was in his first two years. He’s never, ever getting his precious Wall. His legislative agenda just crashed and burned. He’s going to face actual congressional oversight, not a daily foot massage from do-boys like Devin Nunes. The investigatory jackboot is on the other foot now, with subpoenas and reports that can’t be tweeted away or dismissed with a Hannitean roar of “But her emails!” […]

Those answers Trump says he wrote himself, like a big boy, last week to the special counsel’s questions were spun by the grown-ups in his White House as a coda to the investigation. In fact, it now appears that Robert Mueller carefully timed his withdrawal of Manafort’s plea agreement to line up with the president finally turning in his homework. Mueller is careful, methodical, and strategic. His silences are important, disciplined, and consequential. He speaks through the courts, not Twitter.

The ticky tacky Trump house of cards is getting ready to collapse.

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