Because of the fiction I write, I research various conspiracy theories and other topics that carry a certain elan, an element of danger, an edgy inherent element to them. It’s fun to ponder what the statesman call ‘The Great Game, the stuff that might be kept from our eyes by the “Masters of the Globe,” those who know how to best care for us lessers, what secrets they might keep. Makes for great books.

What is not fun is that “next-level” thought (conspiracy theories) also attract a great deal of conservatives generally, and Trump supporters in particular. Thus i run into all too many of them. I fight back, some, and then it gets boring.

I have said for quite some time that Trumpettes are party over country, and Putin over Democrats. it’s why they do not care too much that their president is so obviously a Russian agent. It was proven to me tonight in a thread on a site that I refuse to link, with an OP that quotes a supposed speech from Putin. Putin discusses his intolerance of minorities and that if people want to be in Russia they need speak Russian and follow Russian law (I have not heard differently here, for all the talk of Sharia law, I have yet to hear of one borough, city, neighborhood, county, state or federal agency that has enacted Sharia Law, it’s just a boogeyman like the War on Christmas, a fable). But, I digress. A clause from Putin’s speech is set out and the OP takes it from there.

To say the OP loves Putin’s speech is to put it with understatement:

Among a variety of other reasons (including exposing Dems as weak/ineffective/insincere), Dems hate Putin because he refuses to kowtow to special interests or pander to demographics who feel this (or another) country owes them something like the Dems enjoy doing so much. Putin doesn’t compare to Trump, but he’s 1000x the leader Obama and ESPECIALLY Hillary Clinton ever could’ve been.

Couldn’t agree with that statement more. This is America. If you don’t want to be an American, assimilate into American and live the American way of life, what good are you? Find another country that actually fits who you are, instead of expecting a nation of ~290,000,000 flag waving patriots (Dems not included in this number) to change.

Although I’d take Putin over nearly any Democrat, any time any day.

Note the self-satisfied focus on demographics and self-serving definition of “American” and the self-fulfilling determination of what is an “American way of life.”

Somewhere out there tonight is a family of Japanese-Americans, eating sushi and drinking traditional Japanese tea. Somewhere not far from that family is a Mexican-American family eating a dinner of pulled port tacos and drinking Corona. In Hawaii, Americans from Hawaiian-descent are eating raw tuna and drinking endless cans of that orange drink that tastes so good in Hawaii. In Wisconsin tonight there is a family of recently immigrated Canadian Americans who put gravy on their french fries and drink Moosehead beer, a lot of it. Somewhere in Illinois ah American family that traces its roots to the 1600s is out to eat at an Indian food restuarant and speaking with the owner, an immigrant from Mumbai. In New York City tonight, a family whose parents immigrated from Lebanon just ordered pizza. A black family who traces its roots to human enslavement is preparing dinner at their church tonight in Mississippi, a selection of chicken, fish, greens, and sweet tea. A group of five American teen girls is in line at a movie tonight, one who looks Asian in ethnicity, two blondes, a Hispanic and a black girl, they’re all arguing over which move to see and which teacher is the hardest on homework. And in the White House, the grandson of a German immigrant is putting back Big Mac after Big Mac.

Which of these groups is the one that needs “assimilation”? Which one is the real American group? We better figure out who the “real Americans” in the above scenario are because we know that unless one fits that true definition, our Trump supporters don’t see any value in those who refuse to be “assimilated” into what it means to be a “real American.”

The other point that need be seen, and said, is straightforward and devastating.

Trumpettes hate “others.”

If you do not look like them, sound like them, worship like them, you have no “value.” They would rather have Putin over to their home than you. Considering the fact that Putin’s main international aim is to destabilize the west, that ought to concern people. What is the one thing Putin shares in common with the average Trump supporter. Nothing leaps to mind, it’ll come to me soon enough …

Never forget. Trump supporters are Party over Country, every time. And they are Putin over Democrats, always. Never ever forgot.

Less than one-hundred years ago, the word’s most sophisticated nation at the time also started to hate and devalue those whom did not “assimilate”enough.

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