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CNN reports that the big four networks are deliberating whether to give Trump the prime-time slot, but that CNN and Fox News have already agreed to air the speech.


The major networks balked at first, but they’ve finally agreed to let Donald Trump spew his hate-filled lies across our nation like a lawn sprinkler loaded with moron spittle and battery acid.

Given the torrent of disinformation coming from the White House these days, this seems almost as irresponsible as treating Donald Trump like a legitimate presidential candidate to begin with. Grow a spine, media.

From Mediaite:

With the federal government shutdown in its 17th day, President Donald Trump is set to deliver a primetime address to the nation on Tuesday night.

According to The New York Times, the White House has officially made the request to the networks to interrupt their primetime schedules. Times reporter Michael Grynbaum initially reported that networks were hesitant because of “skepticism about handing over airwaves for political statement.”

But according to Bloomberg News reporter Jennifer Jacobs, the networks have all agreed to air the primetime Oval Office address live.

The administration has been in full Goebbels mode lately, as the lies have gotten bigger and bigger and bigger.

They’re claiming that 4,000 terrorists have been captured at the southern border, when the real number is zero.

They’ve claimed nearly 70,000 illegal aliens were convicted of sex offenses over a period of six years, when in fact the period in question spanned 55 years, not six, and the data referred to arrests, not convictions.

So, yeah, they’re just throwing stuff against the wall to see what will stick. And since the wall has to be transparent so bags of drugs don’t crush merry wanderers on the American side, they’re going to need a lot of government-paid window washers before this is all over. Good luck getting anyone to agree to work for the federal government now.

By the way, since NBC, ABC, and CBS are all FAKE NEWS, why would Trump even want to be associated with them? Why not get the word out on Alex Jones’ show? He can squeeze Trump in between his gay-frog rant and the bit about Obama’s secret tornado-making machines.


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  1. Shame on the pseudo Christians who protect, agree with him and follow him…. after all the inhuman and cruel things he has done in less than 2 years, + how he has insulted All Americans and put us as clowns in the whole world.

  2. Air time shouldn’t be wasted for his bogus Danger Danger The Sky Is Falling nonsense. He shouldn’t be allowed to do this. It’s like the little boy that cried wolf. Giving him a platform for campaigning essentially, is way different then a platform for informing the nation in the event of a real emergency. This is not a genuine emergency. Save the air time for that. I don’t think he should have been invited to the SOTU speech either. He can turn in a written report to congress which is the way it was done for years. He needs to be starved for attention & not given a national platform to lie.


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