We need every advantage in November, so let’s not forego low hanging fruit.

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I’ve said it repeatedly before, and the media has also proclaimed if from the mount. The biggest problem with the Trump administration, and Trump himself, is that they throw so much shit up against the barn wall that it becomes almost impossible to find the horseshoes anymore. This is happening right now, and we can’t afford to let it, because the issue is too big, and the double standard too obvious to ignore and not fully exploit.

Right now, the GOP, thanks to Trump, is hemorrhaging women support. Recent polling shows that even traditionally GOP leaning white women voters are opting out with their feet. There’s nothing that pisses women of every color and stripe more than a bunch of privileged white male assholes siding with the abuser instead of the victim,. But at the same time, there is another perfect example of blatant victim slamming that can be directly tied to the Rob Porter with a pretty pink bow, should the Democrats and the media choose to do so. And so far they’re not, which is a huge mistake from my point of view.

Pop Quiz! anybody here remember an older, well connected, misogynist, serial sexually abusive slob by the name of Harvey Weinstein? He was yet another in a long like of billionaire, politically active sexual predators who, while a Democrat who put his money where his mouth was, was uber beloved by Trump and the GOP. Why? Because he had literally given millions to the Democratic party, and Democratic lawmakers, and now the GOP could hammer the Democrats for their blatant double standard of accepting money from a serial racist while calling out Republicans for doing the same. Forget the fact that Trump himself is a credibly accused serial abuser, it made for nice copy. The Democrats strongly condemned Weinstein and his actions, and either returned his money for his burgeoning legal defense, or donated it to charity.

But guess what? The last time I checked, casino mogul Steve Wynn is now marooned on the same ice floe in the Arctic that Harvey Weinstein is, and the GOP spin cycle went into overdrive. The RNC and Trump were pathetically slow to condemn Wynn, preferring to funereally intone that “These allegations are alarming if they turn out to be true,” completely ignoring the fact that they held no such compunctions in the case of Weinstein. It took almost a week for Wynn to step down as the chair of the RNC fundraising arm, and even longer for the RNC to announce that they too would either return Wynn’s money, or donate it to charity.

Look, I’m way too old to be a Google savant, but I can stumble my way through. I did a little checking, and I have been unable to find hardly any reporting on either GOP congressional members, or the RNC following through on their promise. They hung that silver horseshoe on the wall, already knowing that within 48 hours the howler monkey that is Trump would fling shit all over it. And so far, they’ve gotten away with it.

Right now, women are white hot pissed at Trump and the GOP, not only for Trump’s personal behavior, but for providing cover for a serially abusive shit like Porter. Every time the Rob Porter subject is brought up, why not tie Steve Wynn around the necks of Trump and the GOP like an anchor with Titanic strength chain links? 2018 is shaping up to be a brutal year for the GOP, shame forcing them into giving back or donating a couple of a million filthy pervert Wynn bucks is money that can’t use to prop up high risk congressional races. And if the GOP drags their heels in providing due diligence proof of their divestment of Steve Wynn blood pieces of silver, then every Democratic incumbent and challenger can tar every GOP opponent with the sins of the party. There is a clear, obvious pattern of behavior here, so let’s connect all of those pretty little dots, and show women voters a lovely picture of a huge pachyderm asshole.

The pure, misogynist, sexually abusive culture of the GOP is a gift that keeps on giving, but taking the time and trouble to link them all together into a devastating cudgel is simply too attractive to not hammer the GOP over the head with it at every opportunity. So, why not just do it? I certainly would.

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