NBC: Trump Asked Ukraine Pres Not Once, Not Twice, Eight Times!


“Trump speaks in code …”

Michael Cohen

Lest anyone worry that Trump mostly “inferred” via code, that he would hold up the $250 million in aid unless Ukraine investigated Hunter Biden, thus making “proof” difficult, we now hear via MSNBC and the Wall Street Journal that Trump brought up the need to investigate the Biden family eight times during a single phone call:

That isn’t so much “code” as it is a kidnapper screaming into a telephone. There is another “proof” consideration here, right Chris Hayes?

The reason “proof” matters, a lot, is we recall the Mueller investigation declining to prosecute Russian collusion because Mueller had difficulty proving corrupt intent. But, now, we have Trump bringing up – eight times –  prosecuting/investigating the son of his political enemy, with a $250 million dollar gun to the Ukraine’s head. The transcripts would lay out a quid pro quo so clear, so compelling, that it dispels the need prove Trump’s state of mind, his corrupt intent. It’s right there on paper, eight times. Moreover, we know this without even seeing the transcripts, the two agendas are so tightly intertwined. The exact wording is almost irrelevant at this point.

Donald Trump solicitated a bribe. He was conspiring with a foreign leader to prosecute – wrongly – an American who just happens to be the son of Trump’s strongest political rival.

If this doesn’t result in impeachment and/or prosecution at the end of Trump’s presidency, nothing ever will.

This is not “This Weeks Scandal.” This is on another level.


Peace, y’all


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